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Championship Show Feb 2017 Judge - Mrs Karen Sillince Dogs

It was a privilege and pleasure to judge Dogs at this show, my thanks to the officers, committee and exhibitors .Having been a few years since I judged this breed at this level the dogs were on the whole new to me, many by reputation only. I felt the quality in the youngsters overall dogs and bitches bide well for the breed in the future. However a few observations did cause concern mainly feet, where have all the tight well arched toes gone. So many dogs having flat spoon shaped feet not typical of the breed and not fit for purpose, nails too long which does not help, also many dogs lacked depth through second thigh to complete the picture .I was in complete agreement with my fellow judge that her best bitch went BIS, fabulous bitch who just owned the big ring. My dog went reserve BIS, my veteran BVIS and my puppy RPIS.

1st-: Olivers-: BRAMSTORM OBERON-: Lovely youngster who filled the eye with his balance and angles. Head of correct planes, kind expression, into good reach of neck. Super bone and feet, level topline. Moved out well.
2nd-: Watkins-: VALSETT STARLITE ROMANCER-: Similar remarks apply to this quality dark blue. Moved out well once settled, not as tight in front as one. I predict a bright future for these two youngsters.

1ST-: Butlers-: WANSLEYDALE GOLDSMITH-: 9mths dark orange, well bodied for age. Lovely balanced head with kind expression, clean cut into good reach of neck, straight front, good lay of shoulder. Level topline and correct tail set. Moved out well keeping his topline and using his tail. Still needs to tighten in front movement but did enough to go BPD and eventually RBPIS.

1st-: Fishers-: SH.CH. BEECHANGAR WAGTAIL JW.shCM-: What a lovely class, headed by this super orange. Just shy of ten years old, time may have faded his colour but not his quality. Stands proud over his ground correct from any angle,such a kind gentle expression. On the move he showed many a younger dog how to go striding out head up tail slashing.BVIS.
2nd-: Trigwells-: HANNAHDENE STATUS QUO-: A quality tri dog, presenting a balanced outline on good bone and feet. Moving he strode out, tail never stopped, in very good condition.

1st-: Youngs-: WANSLEYDALE ACE OF HEARTS OVER INGELLA-: What a star in the making, oozes quality and breed type. Standing he presents such a clean balanced outline with no exaggeration. Beautifully moulded head with lovely expression into clean neck flowing to correct shoulders, straight front, best of bone and feet .Level topline, well turned stifles, good depth through second thigh, well let down hocks. Sound mover on a long stride, tail slashing .One I could take home. RCC.
2nd-: Jennings-: CANTERIS COOL FOR CATZ-: Another out of the top drawer, this super quality blue was giving away four months to my winner. Super body for age, correct angles, again no exaggerations just flowing lines. He has a well proportioned head with lovely dark expressive eyes, clean reachy neck, correct bone and feet. His movement was a joy he travels with reach and drive, very precise and true, tail slashing. Lovely young dog with so much to come.

1st-: Pearsons-: BRADSTAR TOTAL ECLIPSE AT YESSANDI-: Showy orange with a lovely head and expression. True in front well ribbed up to well bent stifles. Good topline and tail set. Once settled with change of handler he moved out well with slashing tail.
2nd-: Sketchleys-: WANSLEYDALE FRAZER-: This young man needs to be gone over to appreciate fully. He has excellent conformation all through from his straight front to well let down hocks. On the move he comes into his own, so sound and true, plenty of reach and drive. Just needs to relax more on the stack to show his virtues off.

MAIDEN DOG-: 2 (1)
1st-: Darleys-: SEVERNSETT HEARTBREAKER-: Giving a lot away in the junior class, this young tri has all the essentials. Head still needs to break more, which will come. Overall his conformation pleased and he moved out freely, just needs time.
NOVICE-: (3)
1st-: Atyeos-: SAMELEN HARRIS TWEED-: Well made orange, with good head and expression. Well developed body good depth and length. Level topline and correct tail set. Sound and happy on the move, using tail.

1st-: Naylor, Morrison & Taylors-: ANLORY ARRAS JW-: Not a big un but so well made and balanced. Quality head clean cut into neck of good length to correct lay of shoulder. The best of bone and feet, level topline, well turned stifles. His tail never stopped and my notes read, moved with abandon.

1st-: Buckleys-: FISHWICK COR BLIMEY-: A quality orange who takes the eye. Liked his balanced head of good shape, lovely expression. Super front, well bodied, good turn of stifle with depth of second thigh. Correct bone, good feet, hocks well let down. Super mover, very sound and driven.
2nd-: Saunders-: SHANANDI FLAMING SURPRISE-: Close up to winner another lovely quality orange. Super clean lines same remarks apply. His movement again was so sound and positive, beautifully turned out.

1st-: Mitchell, Withey & Cravos-: SORBUS BELFRY LAD-: Loved the head and expression on this young dog. Very balanced outline, good bone and feet, good topline and tail set. Still needs to mature more to finish the picture. Free sound mover.
2nd-: Mellishs-: WALSHAW BLINDED BY LOVE FOR MONBREC-: Nicely made blue, lot to like. Sound mover, coat not at its best today.

LIMIT DOG-: (11)
1st-: Wellers-: HANNAHDENE DANNY BOY WITH JULDEANE JW-:Very taken with this orange boy. Lovely balanced head with super expression. He stands so balanced on good bone and feet, clean flowing lines, no exaggerations. In this class moved out well, with drive and purpose but later in the challenge lacked positivity, close up for top honours.
2nd-: Wale & Baileys-: WANSLEYDALE KINGS MAGIC JW-: Quality orange who displayed a master class in presentation, he looked stunning. He scores in conformation, another with balance all through, fills the eye. Sound on the move but for me lacked the sparkle of one and just preferred head of winner.

OPEN-: (9) 1
1st-: Colliers-: SH CH GAMERIGHTS MR BLUE SKY AT ROSZARKE ( IMP BEL)-: This dog took my eye from the minute he entered the ring. He has that ‘look at me’ quality which I always hope to find. Super shaped head so balanced, clean cut into elegant reach of neck, clean well laid shoulders. Straight front, well ribbed up, good bend of stifle, well let down hocks. His topline flows into well set on tail with good width to loin. He moved out sound and true using his tail, loved him. Still a young dog feel there is more to come. CC. RBIS.
2nd-: Kellys-: SH CH RICHECCA SHADES OF GREY JW-: A very worthy champion who it was a privilege to go over. He stands over his ground like he owns it. Beautifully balanced head and lovely true expression. His conformation and sound movement stands testament to his huge success. Today I felt the two younger dogs had more sparkle and performance. A truly lovely boy.
3rd-:Dennis-: MARIGLEN AUDI

1st-: Naulls-: SILMANHURST GOLDEN HUGO-: This is a smart boy, everything in the right place, lovely head and expression. Moved out well, beautifully presented. Not disgraced in previous classes he just needs more positive handling.
2nd-: Whittingtons-: JULDEANE EXCALIBUR shCM-: Well proportioned tri, straight front, good angles, level topline, good tail set. Moved soundly.
3rd-: Bennets-: MARIGLEN BLUE STAR


Championship Show Feb 2017 Judge - Mrs Karen Stirk Memorial Awards

Thank you to the MESS committee for inviting me to judge their special memorial award classes and to the exhibitors for supporting the classes. Don Christie Memorial Junior Award (15, 3)

1st Jenning’s Canteris Cool For Catz – 14 month b/b dog with a handsome well-shaped head and beautiful soft expressive eyes. He has a reachy neck with well-placed shoulders and return of upper arm. Lovely straight front with good depth of chest. Well ribbed and proportioned body. Firm level topline, which he held on the move. Strong rear end with correctly set on tail. Good bone and tight feet. Happy sound mover, when he concentrated between the jumps!! Overall a young elegant dog, yet with good substance.

2nd Weller’s Ravensett Giselle At Juldeane – A very promising 9 month old o/b bitch puppy with a sweet well-proportioned head with oval eyes of good colour. Ample length of neck with good layback of shoulder. Just needs to tighten a tad in front. Well sprung ribs for age and good tail carriage. Well-developed hindquarters and another with good bone and feet. Close decision between the two, but felt the dog had the better front and the edge on movement.

3rd Butler’s Wansleydale Goldsmith

Don Christie Memorial Open Award (19, 3)

1st Taylor’s Wansleydale Queen Bee – A quality 3 year old b/b bitch of lovely type with a feminine shapely head of good proportions with typical expressive eyes. Pleasing length of neck with good shoulder placement and length of upperarm. Straight front with good length and depth of body. Firm level topline. Strong rear end with correct turn of stifle. Tail well set, used well on the move. Tight feet. An elegant bitch with a nicely balanced profile, moved out with style and drive.

2nd Mugford’s Quensha Summer Nights At Lynwood JW – A 4 year old o/b bitch who was so well balanced and not overdone in any way. Feminine well-proportioned head with kind eyes. Good reach of neck, well laid shoulders. Strong level topline and well ribbed body. Muscular quarters. Good bone and tight feet. Well-presented and handled.

3rd Jolley’s Anlory Burano Via Jolymore

Chairman’s Champion Award Class (6, 2)

1st Dennis & Roffey’s SH CH Mariglen Xanthe JW – An eye catching o/b bitch on the stance and on the move. Beautiful moulded head, full of breed type which she held high on the move. Arched neck of good length, well angulated shoulders and tight elbows. Straight forechest and firm level topline. Well sprung ribs, correct tailset with slashing tail. Strong well-muscled quarters. Well off for bone and tight feet. Best mover of the day, flowed around the ring with a free and easy stride.

2nd Lawson’s SH CH Mariglen Ice Crystal JW SHCM – A well balanced b/b bitch with a feminine head and well-shaped oval eye. Clean muscular neck with well-set shoulder and good depth of chest. Short compact body with well sprung ribs. Strong quarters. Stands on good feet. Moved out soundly with slashing tail.

3rd Jenning’s SH CH Canteris Careless Whisper

Judge: Mrs K Stirk (Grakar)

Championship Show Feb 2016 Judge - Mr Frank Kane Bitches

An entry of 177 at this very friendly and busy show and as English Setters are always a pleasure to judge I had a most enjoyable day judging the bitches  with my co judge, Scotsman Gordon Hayburn over from Canada judging the dogs. Linda Harris who was also referee had shown her talents in organising a fantastic raffle table on an Olympic theme. Two large rings and plenty of quality.

Secretary Mrs Sharples and show secretary Anne Green and the team had everything running well.

The weekend was clouded for the English Setter world by the death of Gordon Williams of Bournehouse fame and the show started with a minute's silence with all exhibitors coming into the rings as a mark of respect for a man who has contributed so much to the breed with a dynasty of lovely dogs and also Cocker spaniels; A Crufts Best in Show winning English Setter and Reserve at Crufts with a cocker; that is some achievement. We send our sympathy to Penny in her loss.

My co- judge was in ready agreement that the bitch SH CH SORBUS JUST ANOTHER DAY should be BEST IN SHOW with the reserve CC bitch winner MARIGLEN BEAUTIFUL DAWN taking Reserve with the tricolour dog UPPERWOOD IN THE GROVVE taking Best Opposite Sex after winning his first CC in strong competition.

For Best Puppy we called on the services of the referee as we liked both puppies and stood firm with our choices. Linda chose the orange  dog RAVENSETT FIRE'N'ICE over the bitch puppy RACHDALE ELEGANCE  and they both look set fair for good futures.
Best veteran was the dog SH CH SORBUS JEDI MASTER-

Many thanks to my stewards Anne Green and Peter Bates.

Minor Puppy
RACHDALE ELEGANCE - a beautiful orange who stood out for me; everything to like from her beautiful head to her good topline and croup and tail set and her carriage. She can strengthen a little behind yet but she looked a picture of type and quality and I was happy to see her as Best Puppy bitch and trust she will go on to do very well.
2 RACHDALE PAINTED LACE OVER GOLDBIRCH - blue litter sister and another good one with great Setter style and good movement. Not quite as forward in head as her sister or quite the bone but she has lovely balance and topline and was presented  in sparkling form
1 Repeat
2 HAWLAWN KALEIDOSCOPE - 9 months tri with very good body shape and movement which won her this place with correct croup and tailset and carriage. Feminine head which needs a little more time and a shade darker eye would enhance. Has a lot of quality
Veteran -2 lovely  bitches
1 PHENSETT SIVER MOON-very stylish blue in full coat and moving well holding a strong topline which won her this close decision. Feminine head and good eye. She could be a little stronger in bone and feet but her reach and forhand and her style took the class
2 SUNSPRAKE SUMMER BREEZE - lovely headed orange in immaculate condition and better in bone and feet than the winner but not the scope in her front angulation and stride. Lovely ribs - I would have been happy with either of these veterans going through.
Junior - an excellent class with the top four very close
1 GILLANCETTE PEBBLES FOR TATTERSETT - Orange of lovely type and proportions. Lovely legs, feet, ribbing topline and croup and absolutely true on the move - quality in head. Just scored in her firmness in topline to win this...and later two more classes and the final cut in the challenge
2 RICHECCA MIDNIGHT MELODY has style and elegance by the ton and such scope on the move with lashing tail. Not quite as firm in topline or elbow as the winner and I think a bigger ring would have suited her. Good head and I slightly preferred her expression to the winner. Pressed hard and another who should do well
Yearling - another class deep in quality bitches
1LAKECASTLE KASUMI AT WISTASTON- classy  top sized light tri bitch with great body and fantastic forehand assembly. Her head needs handling to be appreciated. Ultra sound on the move. She could be a little firmer in condition  but scored heavily on her finish of chest and body to take this class
2 SKYLARK OF ROSETIMBER- gorgeous orange bitch with great quality in outline and carriage and a beautiful head and expression. Very good on the move and her topline and croup and tail carriage appealed greatly. Can fill out a little in front but she looked a picture and I liked her enormously.
2 ALBADORA SECOND SECRET - Tri of 10 months who was reserve in Puppy class; she has lovely type, outline and movement with a very pretty head. At the moment she lacks rib and body but when these come she should do very well
2 B SASH OF GOLD AT  GOLDBIRCH - beautifully coated and presented orange who went very stylishly. Very feminine all through and had great appeal in head. I would prefer a touch more bone Won a later class and finished her Junior Warrant
2 Repeat
2 A MIDNIGHT FROST - 13 months blue of excellent outline and scores heavily in quarters which are beautifully angulated with good let down of hock. Quality all through-looks her age but is full of quality
2 ALBADORA LATE ARRIVAL - excellent tri of very good body, outline and balance with good movement topline and carriage. She has a good head which is a shade heavier than the winner but in no way masculine. On the day lacked body to go higher  but I liked her a lot
Post Graduate
1 CULVERWELL CALAMITY JANE - I was very taken with the balance and outline and movement of this bitch despite her lacking some hair on a leg after an injury. Very good head. Excellent rib and short couplings-she is a very good bitch and had the pull in maturity over
Mid Limit - a disappointing class for toplines
1 JOTUNHEIM VA VA VOOM -  stylish and accurate movement and elegant carriage won her this class. 4 year old blue with good head and eye and an excellent forehand. She is a little overangulated behind  which just lowers her a little to the ground on the move but she was a good winner of this class and made the cut in the challenge
2 BOURNEHOUSE WATERMUSIC AT SEVERNSETT - 4 years feminine blue with quality in headpiece and is well assembled and sound on the move. I preferred the bone of the winner Scored in rear angulation to take this place
1 MARIGLEN MERCEDES - 3 year old blue in excellent form. Unexaggerated and honest all through and has good movement and  a firm topline which won her the class. Could be just a little shorter  perhaps for perfect balance but she is well ribbed back with correct croup. Appealled in head and expression
2 QUENSHA SUMMER NIGHTS AT LYNWOOD - This beautiful orange filled my eye when I saw her standing in the line with her outline, angulation and beautiful head and eye-everything I like for type but on the move  her topline and croup could have been better and this decided the issue. Moves with scope and accuracy
1 SH CH SORBUS JUST ANOTHER DAY - stood out for me, even in this class full of good bitches- beautiful type all through and great style on the move. Balance  and quality with  perfect topline and croup and a beautiful head and eye.CC and Best in Show
2 MARIGLEN BEAUTIFUL DAWN - Slightly stronger in type than the winner but retains femininity and has great ribs and couplings and a good croup and tailset which put her here. Scopy mover but her front action not quite as clean as the winner. However I was happy to give her the reserve CC and took Reserve Best in Show.
Frank Kane 

Championship Show Feb 2015 Judge - Mrs Valerie Watkin Dogs
Midland English Setter Society
Championship Breed Show
Sunday 1st February 2015
May I first of all say that I thoroughly enjoyed my judging appointment and would like to thank the committee for their kind hospitality, my stewards Anne Green and Pete Bates and also express my appreciation to all of the exhibitors for my excellent entry. I was very pleased with the quality of dogs and from my final lime up selected Kelly’s Sh.Ch. Richecca Shades of Grey for the Dog C.C. and who in agreement from my co Judge was awarded BIS.

MPD (6, 3a)
1 Naylor, Morrison, Taylor’s Anlory Arras - only a baby but so well put together, good head and eye, excellent round bone, good body properties, a stylish sound mover with lovely slashing tail action..
2 Jolly’s Anlory Burano via Jolymore a lot to like about this baby, again good sound mover, not as forward in body as first. 3 Collins, Dyrham Playboy of Chilworth

P (7)
1 Buckley‘s Fishwick Cor Blimey , Well grown puppy, quality head with good expression, good front and rare angulation, depth of chest, strong round bone, moved out well with good head carriage and driving action.
2 Thomson’s, Mariglen Fetlar Caspellwynd, quality puppy, good head and eye, overall well balanced with a level topline which he held on the move, strong bone,.
3 Naylor,Morrison,Taylor‘s, Anlory Arras

V(6,2a) 1Darley‘s, SH CH Severnsett Mask of Zorro. Quality dog both standing and moving, plenty of work in the head, darkest of eyes, strong bone, shown in excellent coat and condition, strides out well on the move. Moorhouse’s SH CH Upperwood For Your Eyes Only to Glinnis Well balanced head kind eye, overall well balanced in outline, with well angulated quarters, carried himself well on the move. 3 Wright’s SH CH Fishwick Dancing Lad

J (6,1a)
1 Wale &Bailey’s Wansleydale Kings Magic Very elegant and stylish young dog, good head and expression, so well balanced in outline, clean in neck, well laid shoulders, straight front, angulated quarters, a happy sound mover.
2 Croft’s Fencefoot Feather Lite, heavier in type, pleasing head and expression, well constructed throughout with strong bone and quarters, so full of himself but sound on the move when settled.
3 Dale‘s, Beechanger Night Hawk Over Laurelset

Y (9,2a)
1 Collier‘s, Gamerights Mr Blue Sky at Roszarke, Attractive upstanding young dog, Refined well balanced head, dark eyes giving a kind expression, clean neck and shoulder lines, straight front, good body properties throughout with strong quarters, a stylish sound mover with lots of drive.
2 Mccabe‘s, Rachdale Sea Fever, Balanced head with good expression, good reach of neck, good front and rear anglation, strode out soundly.
3 Wale &Bailey’s Wansleydale Kings Magic

M (4,1a)
1 Thomson’s, Mariglen Fetlar Caspellwynd
2 Saunders Shanand Flaming Sunrise, nice headed boy with good expression, well balanced throughout standing but unfortunately today not happy on the move.
3 Hodge‘s, Lakecastle Tomo.

N (7
1 Davies,Littlechild,&Bridgewater‘s, Brucelm Tangerine Dream, Good head balance nice expression, clean neck, good overall construction with well angulated quarters, correct tail set, sound mover.
2 Croft‘s, Fencefoot Field Master ,Heavier in type all through, kind expression, strong quarters, well muscled, happy exuberant mover.
3 Dale‘s ,Beechanger Night Hawk Over Laurelset

T (1) 1 Davies,Littlechild,&Bridgewater‘s, Brucelm Tangerine Dream

UG (4 1a)
1 Davies,Littlechild,&Bridgewater‘s, Brucelm Tangerine Dream
2 Coalville & Mcloughlin’s Arabin Jubilee Edition, Plenty of work in head darkest of eyes, clean and well balanced in outline, happy sound mover.
3 Macey‘s, Arabin Secret Agent

G (9)
1 Kirsch‘s ,Sorbus Hugo Boss, Good head and eye colour, good body and overall balance throughout, strong round bone, shown in full coat, covered the ground well with drive.
2 Wale & Bailey’s Wansleydale Kings Magic
3 Sykes Daraquest Barry A Reef

PG (10 1a)
1 Dennis’s Mariglen Audi, Quality young dog, pleasing head and eye, overall well balance in outline with no exaggeration, good topline and tail set, well off for bone., enthusiastic and sound mover.
2 Croft & Littlechild’s Ravensett Royal Legacy with Thistlesett Plenty of work in head, dark eyes., good neck and shoulders depth of chest, well set on tail, strong bone, shown in good coat and condition, carried himself well on the move.
3 Kirsch‘s,Sorbus Hugo Boss

ML (8.1a)
1 Marsden’s Upperwood in the Grove, Good head with kind expression, overall he is balanced throughout, clean in neck and shoulders, good body properties, depth of chest, strong quarters. Moved out well with plenty of drive. Shown in full coat.
2 Whittington‘s Juldeane’s Excalibur, Nice type, liked his head, dark eyes with good expression, reachy neck, level topline with good tail set, well angulated quarters, moved with good driving action.
3 Shadwell,Canonsett Grin N’Bear It

1 Goutorbe’s Dyrham Diversity at Redhara Quality dog, Good head , kind expression, reachy neck, well laid shoulders, straight front, good depth of chest and angulation both front and rear, covered the ground well with good striding action.
2 Stubbington’s Quensha Oh What Night at Bondgate, Nice type, good head balance, soft kind expression , good body properties, neck, chest and ribs, round bone, neat feet. Easy free mover.
3 Jolly ,Wansleydale Tribute to Jolymore

O (4,1a)
1 Kelly’s Richecca Shades of Grey, Such an eye catching young dog, so elegant throughout and well balanced, good head with no exaggeration kind expression, level topline and good tail set, strode out on the move covering the ground well with a good free flowing stride. shown and presented to his best. C.C and B I S
2 Watkins, Mariglen Snowdrift at Hayworth - close up to first, excellent head and eye, well balanced in outline, good body and angulation both front and rear, strode out and carried himself well on the move. Shown and handled to perfection. Res. C.C.
3 Trigwell,Hannhdene Status Quo

1 hittington,Juldeane Excalibur,
2 Hepburn's ,Tattersett Don’t Push It, Pleasing in head, good neck and shoulder placement, strong quarters, moved soundly, not in his best coat today.
3 Bennet's Mariglen Blue Star
Championship Show Feb 2015 Judge - Marje Burt Memorial Awards
Midland English Setter Society
Championship Breed Show
Sunday 1st February 2015


I am most appreciative to the  Officers and Committee for the invitation to Judge at this prestigious Show and for the warm welcome I received, it is always a honour and a privilege to Judge our beautiful breed.  I found many exhibits were in soft condition and a number carrying a little to much weight.


Special Memorial Awards
Don Christie Memorial Junior Award 7
1st  Wale & Bailey's Wansleydale King's , 15month old pale o/b dog,
beautiful outline, well constructed and angulated, deep chest, good bone, lovely head, good reach of neck, dark eye giving a soft expression.  Well balanced, good topline, moved soundly.
2nd Thomson's  Mariglen Fetlar for Caspellwynd, a very promising b/b boy
so well made.  Lovely shape and conformation,  good head, dark eye giving a soft expression, good neck, great shoulders, good bone.  Gave his handler a hard time but once settled moved purposefully of short hocks.
3rd Dale's Beechanger Night Hawk over Laurelset


Don Christie Memorial Open Award 13 (2)
1st Kirsch's Sorbus Hugo Boss, a substantial pale o/b dog presenting a lovely outline, well balanced with lovely conformation, handsome head with a dark eye giving a lovely soft expression, good muscular reachy neck, deep chest, well sprung ribs, great sweep of stifle, strong well muscled hindquarters, well developed second thigh.  In lovely coat and condition, sound positive mover with powerful drive.

2nd Whittington's Juldeane Excalibur ShCM, a good looking b/b and tan dog with a good outline, well balanced with good angulation.  Masculine head with  soft dark expressive eye,  strong muscular reachy neck, deep chest with well sprung ribs, good sweep of stifle, in good coat and condition, good movement with drive.
3rd Kelly's Bournehouse Glorious Days
Marje Burt (Abbeysett)
Championship Show Feb 2014 Judge - Di Morgan Dogs
Thank you for the invitation to judge for my favourite society, and for their hospitality. Thanks also to my excellent, and very efficient stewards.
I found several exhibits to be soft in condition, and some overweight, the wet winter and difficult exercising conditions obviously playing a part in this. Placings could also be affected by handlers who were unable to move their dogs at the correct speed.
Some lovely puppies to start the day, first three all presented and handled immaculately.
1.    McCabe’s Rachdale Sea Pearl Best Puppy Dog, and Res Best Puppy in Show
Blue with beautiful  head and neck into good shoulders. Standing on good tight feet.  2 months ahead of  the 2nd  which showed in stronger body and depth, and more drive when moving.
2. Collier’s Gamerights Mr Blue Sky At Roszarke
Blue baby of 6 months,  who is very promising. Lovely head and eye, clean neck and shoulder lines, good angles all through, and very fluent on the move for a baby.
3.  Mellish’s Walshaw Blinded By Love For Monbrec
  1. Trigwell and Weller’s Hannahdene Danny Boy with Juldeane
Orange, attractive ,  masculine boy with super outline and standing on very good feet. Strong body properties, with excellent front,  rib, and depth. He was a good free mover   keeping his outline well on the move.
  1. Davies, Jeffrey, Bridgewater and Slack’s Brucelm Tangerine Dream
 Another very attractive orange with most lovely head and typical cheeky puppy expression, also nicely constructed. Could have been my winner, but out moved by the first, as a tad overweight.
  1. Danks-Kemish’s Brucelm Royal Ascot At Alolfran
VETERAN DOG (6,4abs)
1.  Wright’s Sh. Ch. Fishwick Dancing Lad
Orange of 7 years.  Kind, gentle expression. Still has an excellent outline, clean shoulders, showing good overall construction, and in good condition.
Moved out well round the ring.
2.  Hammond’s Hartsett Paper Skye For Oaktrish
More substantial orange of 11years.Wonderful condition for age, and still going well on the move.
JUNIOR DOG (9, 1abs.)
  1. Sykes’ Daraquist Barry A Reef
Dark blue with lovely  kind head,  expression, and dark eye. Good front, and shoulder placement, and correct hind angulation which contributed to a sound . balanced outline, which showed in strong free movement.
  1. Dennis’ Mariglen Audi
Tri dog in a bigger mould than the winner, who consequently needs more time to mature, an d come together.  Well constructed all through. Presented  in excellent coat and condition, and moved out well.
Pitt’s Wandsfell Don’t Quote Me
YEARLING DOG (12, 2abs)
1.  Fisher’s Beechanger Dusty Miller JW
This Orange was the  winner in a  strong class. He is an elegant yet masculine dog with a correct outline. Liked his head and eye with correct mild expression. Very well presented in fit muscular condition, and good coat. Has the required free and powerful movement coming from good angulation all through.  Should have a promising future.
2.  Stubbington’s  Quensha Oh What A Night At Bondgate
Dark tri with kind expression and dark eye.  Heavier all through than the w inner, but well constructed with good strong quarters , which showed in sound free movement.
3.  Kelly’s Richecca Shades OF Grey
1.  Mccabe’s  Rachdale Sea Pearl
2. Dennis’ Mariglen Audi
3. Pitt’s Wandsfell Don’t Quote Me
NOVICE DOG (5,1 abs)
1.  Sykes’ Daraquist Barry A Reef
2. Dennis’ Mariglen Audi
3. Pitt’s Wandsfell Don’t Quote Me
1.  Sykes Daraquist Barry A Reef
2.  Mellish’s Gemsett Pole Position For Monbrec
Attractive blue with nice head and eye.  Good outline, and good rib, depth of body, and good feet.
Preferred front and shoulder of first.
1.  Mellish’s Gemsett Pole Position For Monbrec
2.  Tompsett’s Radbrooks God Only Knows
Nice younger blue, unplaced in strong yearling class, not as mature in body as first, but has good overall construction, and appealing head and expression.
1.  Cherry’s Shanandi Golden Sunset
Masculine orange with personality plus, giving his handler a hard time. Much to like about him, from super head and expression, to good shoulders and excellent strong body. Powerful movement from good quarters, just needs time to tighten all through.
1.  Mortimer’s Phlerdor Thief of Time
Light Blue, stood out in this class. A dog I have liked previously, and no reason to change my mind. A glamourous,  eyecatching  boy presented in beautiful coat, and condition, and handled well. Correct front and rear angulation give a balanced  outline, and  strong , sound ground covering movement. Considered in the challenge.
2.  Tucker and Bryant's Mandyset Can I Get A Witness For Friarsoak
Dark tri with lovely kind expression. Not a flashy dog but good all through and well presented. Not the free movement of first, and a little overweight.
3.  Hepburn’s Tattersett Don’t Push It
MID LIMIT DOG (3, 1 abs)
1.  Stephenson’s Wistaston Starting School At Steeplow JW
Mature Orange  presented in good coat and condition. Kind head and eye .Presented a balanced  picture standing , and moved out with long free strides from well angulated quarters.
2.  Hutchinson’s Mariglen Dancing Brave Over Monaysbridge
Upstanding tri in full coat, very well presented. Nice head  and dark eye.  Sound on the move, but still needs time to mature.
LIMIT DOG (4, 1 abs)
1.  Field’s Mariglen Sea The Stars For Fenston
Masculine light tri, in superb coat beautifully presented. Super body condition, and well handled. Strong dog who exhibits power and style on the move.
2.  Trigwell’s Hannahdene Status Quo
More compact balanced  tri, who is correct in conformation, and also moved out very well. Close up but just preferred head of winner.
3.. Wood’s Swannery Magical Moment
All five dogs in contention,  a pleasure to judge.
1.  Watkins ‘ Sh Ch Mariglen Snowdrift At Hayworth
Elegant tri I have  judged before, and consider him a very worthy title holder. He is built on classic lines with style and balance but still masculine. He has a gorgeous head, eye and expression, flows over the head, neck and shoulder, into strong topline, with strength over loin, and powerful hindquarters. Has improved in body since I judged him as  a youngster, and now presents the picture of  a mature English male, perfectly presented in full gleaming coat.  Showed his exuberant personality on the move , ably controlled by his expert handler. Very pleased to award him CC, and finished BIS.
2.   McCrindle’s Caleydene Travelling Man
Another very nice Tri dog  with attractive, gentle, melting expression. Not a flashy dog with no exaggerations, but he has excellent angulation, balanced all through, and was presented in full coat, with strong muscular body .This was evident in his powerful ground covering stride on the move. I was very happy to award him the Res. CC. and he is a worthy title holder.
3.  Thomson’s Swannery Valentino’s Legacy To Caspellwynd ShCm
1.  Hepburn’s Tattersett Don’t Push It
Orange with nice kind head , built on smaller lines, and immature in body, but overall construction sound, and moves out well.
2.  Whittington’s Juldeane Excailbur ShCM
Bigger tri in nice coat and condition.  Masculine, with strong body, not so smooth on the move as first.                                               
Championship Show Feb 2014 Judge – Linda Taylor Bitches
Midland English Setter Society Championship Show  - 2/2/2014


Minor Puppy Bitch 9 (3 abs)
1st  Tucker’s Walshaw Date with Destiny:     What a sweetie! Nicely  balanced puppy with good make and shape. Loved her head and expression which just stole her this class. Short coupled, well ribbed with strong topline. Really collected on the move for such a baby  showing drive, precise footfall and a lovely slashing tail.
2nd  McCabe’s Rachdale Sea Pearl:  Attractive orange – built on a bigger frame than the class winner and  mature for her age. Scored here with her good overall confirmation, strong quarters and pleasing tail set. Very nicely presented and with excellent muscle tone.
3rd  Harding’s Rachdale Sea Jewel
Puppy Bitch 9 (1 abs)
1st  Goutorbe’s Upperwood Goldilocks:  Eye-catching dark orange.  Super flowing lines to this young bitch from her reachy neck, good front, correct shoulders, strong straight topline to her well  angulated quarters. Very sound  on the move showing drive and style with  excellent tail carriage and action. Pleased to award  her Best Puppy Bitch and she put in  a good performance later in the day to beat a very nice dog puppy for the Best Puppy in Show award.
2nd  Williams’s Bournehouse Starry Night:  Really liked this tri puppy – she is of lovely type and quality. Balanced throughout with correct front assembly, best of toplines and tailset and well developed quarters. Sound,  happy mover. She needs more trimming to really accentuate her lovely outline but once this is sorted she should have a bright future.
3rd  Montell’s Culverwell Calamity Jane:
Veteran Bitch 3
1st  Mitchell & Withey’s Sunsprake Finn’s Fantansy with Scratchwood JW:  I just love the head on this bitch – it is so feminine with such work, darkest of eyes with the most beautiful expression and amazingly for her 11 years  she has not lost her lovely orange markings. Just beginning to soften in topline now but age hasn’t had much effect on her movement – she is still moving better than many of the younger bitches around today. It was this movement – neat and tidy at the front and with strength and drive from the rear that won her this class and also Best Veteran in Show.
2nd  Goutorbe’s Redhara Penelope Pitstop:    Lovely balance to this dark blue bitch. Sweet head and expression. Good angulation, short deep body, strong topline and excellent tailset. Sound,  exuberant mover but not the clean front action of the class winner.
3rd  Davis’s Culverwell Calypso of Merleycopse

Junior Bitch 8 (1 abs)
1st  Dennis’s Mariglen Xanthe JW:   Classy bitch from any angle. Very  feminine all through  even though she is of good size with plenty of  substance. Particularly scored here with her excellent forehand construction, and  overall balance. Sound mover with strong drive from the hocks and correct tail carriage and action. Already quite mature and once in full coat she will certainly be very hard to beat.
2.nd  Sykes’s Daraquist Abbi Riginal:   Lovely clean outline on this bitch.Well made throughout with good front, strong topline , correct tailset and a  sweet head and expression. Moves with drive and  purpose covering plenty of ground with minimum effort. Not as forward as the class winner at the moment but a smart bitch who should finish well.
3rd  Bird’s Mariglen Argenta at Cransett
Yearling Bitch 6 (3 abs)
1st  Mugford’s Quensha Summer Nights at Lynwood JW:  Well made orange. Out of coat today  but that makes it all the easier to appreciate her qualities and balanced outline. Pleasing head and expression, clean over neck and shoulders, good ribs, couplings, topline and tailset.  Moved well with drive from her well developed quarters.
2nd  Davis’s Richecca Baby Doll of Merleycopse: Attractive tri.  Nicely  balanced with good reach of neck, depth of body and strong quarters. Well presented and handled.  Not moving as positively as the class winner today.
3rd  Gwilliam & Bozier’s Victoriaview Bluebell
Maiden Bitch 7 (1 abs)
1st  Stephenson & Williams’s Lakecastle Sakura at Wistaston: Pale orange  with beautiful head and eye. Good size - particularly liked her length of leg to back ratio giving that elegant outline. Excellent front,  good bone and neat feet. Beautifully presented with coat of correct texture. Moved very well with  a good even stride holding her topline and using her tail well.
2nd  McCabe’s Rachdale Sea Pearl
3rd  Williams’s Bournehouse Starry Night


Novice Bitch 8 (1 abs)
1st  Sykes’s Daraquist Abbi Riginal
2nd  Stephenson & Williams’s Lakecastle Sakura at Wistaston
3rd  Seaman’s Mariglen Mercedes

Tyro Bitch 5
1st  Sykes’s Daraquist Abbi Riginal
2nd  Bird’s Mariglen Argenta at Cransett: This  is a beautiful bitch – litter sister to the junior class winner but unlike her sibling she is still very immature. However she has many of the same attributes and for me  the better head of the two. Add to this her glorious tricolour markings and she has the potential to go to the top – make the most of her!.
3rd  Harris’s Gemsett Ultra Violet
Undergraduate Bitch 4 (1 abs)
1st  Harris’s Gemsett Ultra Violet: Balanced bitch with clean outline. Good length of leg, short back,  pleasing angulation. Seemed  very unsettled in the last class but more relaxed here. Nicely presented  and carrying the correct amount of weight. Moved well with  good profile movement showing reach and drive.
2nd  Williamson’s Balvenie Sheer Surprise: Another bitch that has good ratio of leg length to back measurement. Pleasing overall make and shape, feminine head and good expression. Not the body of the class winner and needs more attention to presentation to realise her potential.
3rd  Montell’s Culverwell Miss Demeanor
Graduate Bitch 3 (1 abs)
1st  Spencer’s Sorbus Just Another Day: Quality orange. Not  a big bitch but so well put  together – my notes say “ what a neat package!” Very pretty head,  good front, strong bone, neat feet.  Super  spring of ribs, level topline and correct tailset.  Moved  with drive and style with ever slashing tail. Beautifully  presented in full coat of lovely silky texture.
2nd  Darley’s Bournehouse Water Music at Severnsett JW: Beautiful blue of lovely type. Another quality bitch with a feminine head and  typical expression. Moved very well –  soundly and happily. Presented in super coat and condition  and is maturing well and fulfilling her early promise.  
Postgraduate Bitch 9
1st  Grimsdell’s Tattersett Frankel JW: Balanced blue with very good overall make and shape. Plenty of substance to this young bitch but she still retains her femininity. Attractive head, clean over neck and shoulders, good straight front and unlike most exhibits today – neat feet! Stylish and precise on the move showing power and drive from her short hocks.
2nd  Jennings’s Canteris Careless Whisper: Ultra feminine orange with lovely head and expression. Elegant reach of neck leading into strong topline, good depth of body and well angulated quarters. Quality bitch who is maturing nicely and now carrying a good coat of the correct silky texture. Moved very well with good tail action.  Close decision – just  not the tight feet of the class winner
3rd  Montell’s Culverwell Christabelle
Mid-Limit Bitch 8 (1 abs)
1st  Harris & Dennis’s Mariglen Gift Wrapped JW:  Tricolour bitch of lovely make and shape. Scored here with her beautiful head and expression and her overall balance – everything fitting together smoothly with no exaggerations. She presents an elegant outline, combining substance  with femininity. She moved soundly with  pleasing high head carriage, holding her shape well and using her well set tail to advantage. I loved her as a puppy and although she is far from fully mature and still lacking in coat  her overall qualities and soundness won her this strong class and  eventually the bitch CC.
2nd  Buckley’s Fishwick Cookie Crumbles: Another  very well made bitch - more compact than class winner with lovely reach of neck, straight front, short deep body and strong quarters giving  a smart, eye-catching outline. Very  attractive head with good expression. Really  impressed on the move with her exuberant movement driving from short strong hocks to show good reach and drive and with a fabulous tail action – a real show girl.
3rd  McCabe’s Mariglen Nina Fever JW
Limit Bitch 3
1st  Hartle’s Hartsett Cherry Bee JW:  Very feminine orange with the most lovely head and dark expressive eyes. Correct straight front, excellent spring of rib and well angulated quarters. Beautifully presented in good coat. For me, carrying too much weight which affected her topline and movement - although she moved soundly and happily she lacked drive particularly in the challenge.
2nd  Bryant & Hollis’s Phensett Silver Moon: Attractive blue  with  a super head and expression. Longer cast than the class winner but still retained a strong topline and good tailset. Moved soundly from her well developed quarters.
3rd  Loynd’s Richecca See the Stars at Crimbledale:
Open Bitch 9 (1 abs)
1st  Littlechild’s Sh Ch Ravensett Blondie JW: Super orange – top quality all through.  Ultra feminine bitch with  the sweetest of heads, good reach of neck into clean shoulders, strong short body and well angulated quarters. Top this off with an immaculately presented full coat and  hard muscular condition and it is easy to see why she has done so much winning.  Thought she would be my main winner but in the challenge, although she moved well and with style, she was a little sluggish and the sharper front action of the Mid Limit winner just stole the award, so today she had to settle for the reserve CC.
2nd  Cook’s Moorbrook Uptown Flirt at Pernickety ShCM:  Orange of a different type. A heavier build than class winner but still retaining her femininity and top quality all through. Pleasing  head with soft expression, good angulation, strong deep body, straight front, excellent bone. This bitch really comes into her own on the move with her free striding driving action – sound and precise with excellent tail action  and she holds her shape so well. Very close decision.
3rd  Dykes’s Caleydene Remember Me
Special Beginners Bitch 3
1st  Seaman’s Mariglen Mercedes: Light blue youngster with good overall confirmation. Clean neck and shoulder, straight strong topline, excellent front. Only just over 12mths she still looks very puppyish  when stood  but see her move! One of the best movers here today with such a smooth, economical action – she really covers the ground, has drive from her short hocks and such precise footfall. Add to this her naturally  high head carriage and slashing tail and she really catches the eye. Will be interesting to see her when mature and in full coat.
2nd  Davis’s Richecca Baby Doll of Merleycopse
3rd  Kerr’s Fanshon Lawdy Miss Clawdy Taffi (Imp Nld)
Championship Show Feb 2012 Judge – Christopher Bird Dogs
Midland English Setter Society Championship Show
26th February 2012
My thanks go to the Chairman, Show Manager, Committee of the M.E.S.S. and my stewards for their help and assistance and for making this a day to remember judging my first Championship Show appointment. Also to all exhibitors for their brilliant entry and for graciously accepting the decisions I made. Slightly concerned by the overall rear movement from many of the dogs, whether it down to lack of
preparation of show training, lack of correct exercise it is something that needs to be addressed. Otherwise we are going to completely lose that free, graceful and elegant movement that we once saw, expected and was known from our breed.
BIS - Ravensett Blondie, RBIS - Bournehouse Silver Quest at Phlerdor JW ShCM.
BPIS - Tattersett Frankel all in agreement with my co Judge

MPD (2) – 1st; Watts Jotunheim Limited Edition: Not much to choose between these two youngsters but winner a little more together on general development and movement. Well defined head, good reach from neck to withers, short coupled b/b
2nd; Whittington’s Juldeane Excaliber : Pleasing head with expressive eyes, more together on hindquarters than front,
slightly more rangier than 1 but will watch to see how he develops as quite liked his overall appearance and proportion.
PD (9,2) 1st; Bakers Mandysett Can I Get a Witness. BPD Very much together in shape and balance with good width & depth to body for his age. Loved his head and expression with the kindest of eye, bought back fond memories of one I owned years ago. Excellent forequarters, strong forearms but not overdone and with very tight feet. Good bend from stifle thru to hock. Unfortunately was later
overawed by his day out and let himself down in the challenge.
2nd;Whittington’s Juldeane Excaliber
3rd; Hepburns Tattersett Don't Push It
VD (9,1) 1st; Hammond’s Hartsett Paper Skye for Oaktrish BVD. Splendid class of oldies. Light O/B, correct shape and definition to head. Well constructed front quarters, kept his topline and shape on the move, still has the enthusiasm and positive movement of a youngster which won him this class. Well handled and presented.
2nd; Dennis’s Sh. Ch. Gemsett Dark Forces at Mariglen JW; Well coated balanced dark blue with very typical head and expression. Long neck into excellent return of upper arm with good depth and well sprung rib cage. Moved true but needed a tad more motivation.
3rd; Fisher’s Settaside Sorbet
JD (9,3) This class was perhaps my most difficult to assess due to the wide variation of growth and development , my first three were at a similar place in time and will probably exchange places.
1st; Marsden’s Upperwood in the Groove: L/ Tri, Good definition to head, kind eyes with low set ears. Long neck with good sweep to shoulders. Well up on feet which were tight and compact. Level topline which he kept when moving .
2nd; Price’s Bushbane Celtic Eclipse. Kind eye and good expression, level topline with correct tail set, stronger in hindquarters with quite good bend to stiffle.
3rd; Mottishaw’s Upperwood Hooray Henry
YD (7,1) 1st; Jolley & Taylor’s Wansleydale Tribute to Jolymore; O/B Distinct winner of class, Well worked head, excellent forehand with correct angles and depth . Very much together in all aspects, moved very soundly when settled. When fully developed would expect to see a less defined tuckup which will give more balance to body to complete picture.
2nd; Shadwell’s Canonsett Grin N ' Bear It; B/B with appealing but masculine head . Correct body proportions and reasonably balanced for age but not up to maturity of 1st place.
3rd; Hutchinson’s Mariglen Dancing Brave
MD (5) 1st; Hepburn’s Tattersett Don't Push It: O/B Still very much the baby but had the presence and balance to win this class. Good well angulated shoulders with compact body and level topline. Best movement to win this class
2nd; Vickers Sodalitas Cool Diamond; Pleasing head, good reach of neck, angulated shoulders and depth to brisket. Level in topline and correct tailset.
3rd; Colton’s Sodalitas High Havoc for Ennydloc
ND (6,1) 1st; Marsden’s Upperwood in the Groove
2nd; Price’s Bushbane Celtic Eclipse
3rd; Parker’s Upperwood Boycie at Parkholme
TD (3,1) 1st: Price’s Bushbane Celtic Eclipse
2nd; Farquhar’s Shambellie Final Chapter; O/B with kind eye and expression. Of reasonable size and proportion .
UGD (3,1) 1st; Bacon’s Desert Dreamer; Well built O/B, balanced and compact in good coat, well angulated with good bone. Firm topline with strength to loin. Looked very good stacked but needs to work on movement.
2nd; Farquhar’s Shambellie Final Chapter
GD (3) 1st; Stephenson’s Wistaston Starting School at Steeplow; Masculine O/B dog with definition and work to a typical head that’s not overdone. Deep brisket with well angulated shoulders and well ribbed back. Strong hindquarters complete the picture. Best movement from this class.
2nd; Rush’s Tattersett Future Gamble; Another O/B dog of similar qualities with good shoulders, body shape slightly more compact still with balance. 3rd; Bacon’s Desert Dreamer
PGD (13,2) 1st; Mortimer’s Bournehouse Silver Quest at Phlerdor JW ShCM; CC & RBIS. My detailed notes made on the day just confirmed to me why I made this choice for the CC. Well handled and presented by owner I just loved the balance and elegance of this dog, maybe not the stature of some but still has strength in depth and quality. Appealing masculine head, correct depth to stop with expressive eyes and balanced muzzle. His front is correct with good layback to shoulders with elbows close to the body. Shoulders flow freely into the withers with ribs well sprung and extended back. The coupling is taut with good muscle leading to tail set well in line with back. To
complete, rear quarters compliment the forehand angulation. Movement was true with both reach and drive. Shown in good coat and condition.
2nd; Dykes & McCrindle’s Caleydene Travelling Man. Looking the best I have seen him and now very close to the mark.
Handsome head, well built tri with good length and layback to shoulders, well bodied and moved with purpose.
3rd; Trigwell’s Hannahdene Status Quo
MLD (8,2) 1st; Croft’s Fencefoot Fond Memory JW; Very presentable masculine O/B, well coated and very mature for age. Well constructed, good front with straight forearm, well up on tight feet. Correct shoulders, firm back and topline. Just needs that additional sparkle equired for that
final consideration.
2nd; Bridgewater, Davies and Jeffrey’s Brucelm Diamond Harry Rocks Bridgella, another well constructed masculine B/B dog. Correct front and shoulders, deep brisket and strong rear quarters. Good coat and condition.
3rd; Yarrow’s Lakecastle Going for Gold for Sorrodale
LD (10,2) 1st; Goutorbe’s Upperwood Signature by Redhara : Won this class on his positive movement. B/B that has a well defined asculine head, long neck, correct forequarters with good rear construction. Well handled and presented.
2nd; Mitchell and Withey’s Sunsprake Raging Storm over Scratchwood; O/B shown in very good coat and condition. Lovelly head and eyes, Good front construction, lacked that positive movement today that I know he has.
3rd; Harradine’s Mandysett Pop Idol at Halliana
OD (11,3) Enjoyable class with quality. 1st; Fisher’s Sh Ch Beechanger Wagtail JW; RCC. Worthy champion, very honest dog with nothing to dislike. Correct construction throughout , lovely long clean neck into excellent quarters with flawless outline. Moved with enthusiasm and drive, just a little more front extension than my second place to win this class, close decision for CC winner.
2nd; Sayers and Dennis’s Sh Ch Mariglen Blue Flame for Christter ; Another quality Champion. A head that oozes in character and xpression. Very elegant and balanced in appearance with correct conformation. Shown in perfect and hard condition.
3rd; Moorhouse’s Upperwood For Your Eyes Only to Glinninis JW ShCM;
SBD (10,1) 1st; Marsden’s Upperwood In the Groove 2nd; Shadwell’s Canonsett Grin N Bear It
3rd; Parker’s Upperwood Boycie at Parkholme
Don Christie Memorial Stakes (4) 1; Kirsch’s Shining Star of Sorbus, one of my favourite dogs, Just love his personality, handled perfectly and in good condition, never lets his owner down on movement .
2nd; Ball and Morgan’s Gemsett I am Legend; well defined head with gentle eye and expression. Strong body
3rd; Jolley’s Wansleydale Loganberry at Jolymore ShCM
Championship Show Feb 2012 Judge – Val Isherwood Bitches
Midland English Setter Championship Show  26th February 2012

Thank you to the Officers, Committee, exhibitors and dogs for a fantastic day.  It was a great pleasure to judge our breed at such a special event with a super atmosphere.
As usual I prefer to give my own general observations. The exhibits are on view for all to see and for you to make your own opinions.  I was surprised at the variation in types, this I feel has widened as lines are crossed.  Heads I found difficult as many have not the expression I am looking for, some broad with too much width between the eyes others have the stop but are narrow and have not the width of foreface resulting in pinched nostrils.  Many have lost the length to the upper arm, this restricts the dog’s fore movement and if correctly angled behind causes the dog to over reach.  Tails have improved with not too many set on low, however many are lifted for balance and to compensate for their rear quarters not being underneath them. I felt very sad in the number of exhibits which have the tail problem due to total lack of condition; our breed is a galloping breed and should have the overall condition to develop muscle. I was aware that a number of the bitches gave their handlers a hard time and this was due to others showing the dogs owned by the committee, thank you for the entry. On looking round my ring at my final line up I felt we do have  a future and let us hope these beautiful bitches go on to produce the stock to carry on the handsome English Setter.

Minor Puppy Bitch (8)
I love puppies, however this class did not help me at all when it came to movement as most took great delight in swinging on their leads and throwing themselves about.
1.  Bridgewater, Davies, Slack and Littlechild’s Abiwrose Blue Lace with Brucelm. Beautiful head with melting expression, strong neck, correct lay of shoulder, round bone and tight feet. Super quarters should make a good one.
2. Naylor and Morrison’s Wansleydale Ribbons ‘N Lace  Over Anlory.  Such a baby but so correctly put together, best mover in class.  Just needs the tlc. to encourage her to grow and bloom.
3. Rumble’s Jotunheim Va Va Boom


Puppy Bitch (4)
1. Grimsdell’s Tattersett Frankel. Balanced head, not over done in flew, gentle break giving beautiful soft expression. Correct lay, showing good shoulders and balance. Straight front with super round bone, She has the correct depth of rib and is short coupled so strong top line. Tail coming off back nicely and used on move.. Feet tight. Moved true. All this gave her the class,
BPB and in agreement with co-judge BPIS.
2. Baker’s Mandyset Whole Lotta Rosie. Heavier than one but a nice type.  Skull balanced and break giving correct eye shape and expression. Angle and length of forearm balanced to length of leg. Super depth to forechest, short coupled with strong rounded quarters.  Just tended to hug the floor till relaxed, needs to get out more. Tail set not as good as 1.
3. Neath’s Albadora Robin Daylite.
Veteran Bitch (8,4)
1. Harris and Dennis’ Sh Ch Mariglen Princess Royal at Gemsett.  Such a classical shape to her skull, no exaggerations and with her dark eye she gave a melting expression. Clean over shoulders, she has length to her rib leading to round quarters. Good width on stifle showing fine sweep to hocks .This bitch has taken the stops off and moves without effort it was a pleasure to watch her and award her BVB then go on to take BVIS.
2.Mitchell and Withey’s Sunsprake Finn’s Fantasy with Scratchwood. Another one not showing her age, she brought a smile to me as she has the attributes so typical to our breed standard, substance with elegance and gives her handler the expression the breed is renowned for.
3. Morgan’s  Mariglen Steals The Heart of Meandi.


Junior (7)
1. Harris and Dennis’ Mariglen Gift Wrapped JW. Feminine bitch but strong in body properties. Balanced head, kind, and dark eye. Straight in front. Her depth of chest and rib giving a strong level top line from which her tail extended correctly. She used her strong quarters to move without effort.
2. Buckley’s Fishwick Cookie Crumbles. Another with promise. Loved her expression and eye created by a balanced skull and correct break.   Has a super lay  and upper arm angulation but needs to drop in front, this I am sure will give more precise fore action to go with the reach already there. Strong top line and quarters which showed extension, just needs time to mature. Round bone and tight feet.
3. Bishop’s Dyrham Your So Sweet.


Special Yearling (8,3)
1. Howarth’s Moorbrook Mary Rose. Felt this bitch won this class with some to spare. Her head has brain room but is feminine and gives the desired expression.  Has the required crest of neck head carriage, her forequarters allows her to move free and true whilst keeping a level top line.
Lovely tail placement and hind action.
2. Attwood’s Swannery Field of Dreams.  My, what a hard time this young lady gave her handler.  Liked her head and eye, good neck, not the forearm of one but has rounded quarters which she used well. Went steadier the more she moved.
3. Bates’s Valsett Starlite Ruby Blush at Tudorfield.
Maiden Bitch (6)
1. Grimsdell’s Tattersett Frankel.
2. Bishop’s Dyrham Your So Sweet. This lady gained a third in Junior in good company. Pleasing head with gentle expression, strong neck, straight front.  Has the depth of rib but feel she has yet to drop in forechest. Level back, lovely length hip to hock which showed strength in movement. Time is on her side to mature and settle onto her frame to complete the promising picture.
3. Schoneville and Derry’s Balvenie Vee Marie.


Novice Bitch (4,1)
1. Bishop’s Dyrham Your So Sweet.
2. Jennings’ Canteris Careless Whisper. Bitch with the sweetest of heads and feminine expression.  Has straight front and shows correct side angulation aided by a beautiful sweep from hip to hock. Feel she will take time to mature but will be worth the wait.  Had a tendency to throw herself about making it difficult for her handler.
3. Tucker and Reith’s Walshaw Snow Flurry.


Tyro Bitch (1)
1. Loakes’ Mariglen Goldikova. Beautifully presented bitch. Deep in frame with strong quarters. Was unsettled to start with as on her own but got into the swing and moved well.
Undergraduate Bitch (5,3)
1. Montell’s Culverwell Constanza On first inspection I was impressed by the overall balance and elegance of this young lady and I was not disappointed when going over her.  She has the tan marking rarely seen today and a beautiful head shape.  Clean throughout, she moved as built flowing round the ring.  
2. Sharples’ Mariglen Flaming Sunset. Different type to 1. Her overall angulation is good, but have written in my notes “Likes her dinners”. Not the forearm extension of 1.
Graduate Bitch (10,1)
1.  Loynd’s Richecca Sea The Stars at Crimbledale. Have judged this one as a baby and I am delighted with her progress. What a lovely bitch. Super head with break and those “all important” raised eyebrows. Correct depth and width of skull. Clean neck, straight front. Has correct angulation and length of bone fore and aft. The above combined with the outgoing temperament required for our breed gave her this class.
2. Cockett’s Hollygrove Bezique. Another one with quality. Soft expression, crested neck, fine shoulders and level top line. Fine depth and spring of rib. Rounded quarters but lost out to 1 on let down to hock and feet.
3. Trigwell’s Hannahdene Marguerita Time.


Post Graduate Bitch (11)
A lovely class and unfortunately some missed out on the day.
            1. Grimsdell’s Tattersett  Doctor In Love. I have watched this bitch from the ring side and admired her. Has gentle work in her head, her eye could be darker but it does not take away from her expression.  The strength in her construction and overall balance is evident in her movement. Feet excellent.  Such a sound and happy mover.
           2. Day’s Mandyset Rumour Has It at Descovery.  Different in type to my class winner yet so many of the good points apply. Has the quality and substance with a classic head and level topline. Her super quarters showed lovely extension as she moved. Her tail never stopped wagging.
           3. Bishop’s Dyrham Midnight Dream


Mid Limit Bitch (6,2)
1. Lawson’s Mariglen Ice Crystal JW. Have given this young lady a first before and my observations still apply to her. Classic head and eye. Presents a fine outline and moves well.  Just needs her furnishings to complete the picture.
2. Tucker’s Walshaw Christmas Rose for Ownways JW. Nicely angulated orange with adequate bone and tight feet. Has the soft eye required for the breed.  Moved true.
3. Rockall’s Settrenda Golden Fern at Lesnee
Limit Bitch (13)
Strong class of quality.
1. Littlechild’s Ravensett Blondie JW. My star of the day. Not a large one but a real diamond.  Her head is well balanced. Not overdone in flew or depth of skull. Most beautiful shape to eye through break in skull. Ears folding from eye level close to neck. Neck has the required crest to make for good head carriage. Straight in front with rounded bone and tight feet. Heart and lung space without coarseness.  Clean on shoulder due to correct shoulder placement, elbows under her but with room to move. Ribs deep and correctly sprung from front to hind. Coupling just right, not too long as to result in weakness of top line. Balanced sweep from hip to hock bone and good width of stifle. Short from hock bone to feet. I am sure she knew it was her day for her crown and moved accordingly. BCC and BIS.
2. Goutorbe’s Redhara Penelope Pitstop. When the first two in this class were standing before me for their critique I said I could take them both home, and this comment still stands.  I loved this young lady from her beautiful head to her wagging tail.  She was so near to gaining high honours, just felt she has that bit more to give and just needs to settle on herself.  Sure her day will come.
3. Dykes’ Caleydene Remember Me


Open Bitch (7)
1. Morgan and Bott’s Sh Ch Quensha Little Jeanie JW. This was the second RCC that I have awarded this bitch.  She is one for us to be proud of as she is so beautiful to go over and she fits the standard so very well.  She lost out last time as she wasn’t a willing mover, today she moved so well but had left her best coat at home. Thank you for bringing her.
2. Williams’ Bournehouse Golden Days. What a lovely head this bitch has. She has that melting expression that our breed is known for. I admired her angulation from fore to aft. Her tail placement was as I would expect from this kennel, spot on. Strong quarters, good bone and feet. Was carrying just a little too much weight which showed when she moved.
3. Dennis’ Sh Ch Mariglen Francesca Fenston.
Special Beginners Bitches (6,1)
1. Sharples and Dennis’ Mariglen Crystal Gayle. Not as feminine in head as I like but still has a soft eye. Strongly made throughout and moved freely.
2. Saunders’ Shanandi Evening Star. Bitch with substance and soft expression was more settled standing and on the move in this class.
3. Homer’s Harvencourt Florentine
Don Christie Memorial Stakes Bitches (10)
1. Lawson’s Mariglen Ice Crystal JW.
2. Bishop’s Dyrham Midnight Dream. Third in a good Post Graduate Class this attractive deep orange has a lovely expression with plenty of work in skull. Straight front and correct side profile. Happy on the move she moved with ease and precision.
3. Morgan’s Mariglen Steals The Heart of Meandi.
Open Show June 2017 Memorial Stakes Judge - Miss Zoe Stirk

Midland English Setter Open Show – 10/06/17

Thank you to the officers and committee for their invitation to judge the special award classes and to the exhibitors who entered.

The Jill Christie Memorial Junior Award (6,3)
1st Lawton’s Wandsfell Call The Shots For Oaklaw
Orange belton boy coming up to his 1st birthday. Attractive masculine head of good proportions with well-shaped eye. Good reach of neck leading into well placed shoulders, correct front assembly with elbows well tucked in. Still a baby and needs to mature and fill his frame. Quarters developing well with good bend of stifle and correct tail set. Moved happily holding his shape and using his tail to advantage.

2nd Thacker’s Swannery Sweet Dreams
13 month feminine light blue girl who is refined all through, but nicely proportioned throughout and shows a balanced profile. Sweet head with a soft appealing expression with dark eye. Pleasing neck of good length, she just needs to tighten up in front. She is well angulated fore and aft and kept a level topline with pleasing tail carriage. Well-presented and handled and moved out steady and true.

3rd Seaman Mariglen Cleopatra

The Madge Pearson Memorial Open Award (5,2)
1st Taylor Wansleydale Bellini JW
Lively dark orange girl of 2½ years who is built on elegant lines. I loved her overall shape and balance. She has such a pretty feminine head of balanced proportions with low set ears. Excellent reach of neck and layback of shoulder. Good depth to chest and spring of rib with firm topline. She has a straight front and stands on good legs and tight feet. Nicely muscled and constructed hindquarters. Shown in gleaming coat and condition. Moved out soundly, straight and true with her head held high and good driving rear action using her tail well which won her this class.

2nd Jenning’s Canteris Cool For Catz JW
Elegant 19 month old blue belton dog. He has a handsome chiselled head with square muzzle and well defined stop. Muscular well arched neck into correct lay of shoulders and return of upper arm, straight front with excellent bone. Would like to see him carry a tad more body weight to complete the picture. Good bend of stifle and well let down hocks, moved out soundly with slashing tail.

3rd Williamson Balvenie Sheer Surprise

Miss Zoe Stirk (Grakar)

Open Show Nov 2016 Judge - Jane Mugford

Midland English Setter Society Open Show 15th May 2016

A good size grass ring, friendly atmosphere & delightful natured dogs made this a very enjoyable assignment. In dogs in particular I found it difficult to find the sound free driving movement I was looking for, even though I gave plenty ( some will say too much !) opportunity for them to get into their stride. In both sexes the puppies showed more promise in this department which hopefully bodes well for the future.


Minor puppy (4,1abs)Very pleasing class to start the day 1st Watkins/Phillips Bumblecorn Winter Ice At Glenmaurangi, striking 6 mth. light tri. in excellent coat & condition. Lovely well moulded head with melting expression. Excellent slightly arched neck, deep in brisket, level topline, good croup & tailset. Good construction throughout but particularly well developed hind quarters for age. At present feet are rather flat but hopefully with correct exercise they will improve. Sound, free, driving movement clinched him the class & Best Puppy In Show. 2nd Young's Wansleydale Ace Of Hearts Over Ingella, o/b, another very promising elegant puppy. Lovely head & reach of neck flowing into good shoulders. Straight front, pleasing outline, well bent stifles. Moved well but not quite as strong behind as the winner as yet .3rd Jenning's Canteris Cool For Catz.

Puppy ( 4) 1st Tompsett's Radbrooks Sloop Johnb, tri with good balanced head & kind eye. Carrying a little too much weight spoiling the line from his neck over the shoulders. Good straight front, plenty of forechest, well angulated fore & hindquarters, level topline. Best mover in the class with lovely tail action. 2nd Goutorbe's Upperwood Pioneer, completely different in type, taking more after his working lines, nevertheless he is elegant, attractive in head, has good bone, correct reach of neck, well angulated shoulders, good turn of stifle. On the go around at the start of the class he was all over the place but settled to move well when it came to his individual turn. 3rd Mellish's Wattlewood Silver Arrow To Monbrec.

Pat Hammond Special Memorial Veteran (2,1abs) 1st Cole's Sh Ch Sorbus Jedi Master, Tri with  lovely head with gentle expression, good reach of neck, well angulated shoulders, straight front, good bone. Deep in brisket, level topline, short hocks. Liked his tail action.

Junior ( 2,1abs) 1st Sayer's Mariglen Solar Flame,  really liked this o/b but he was such a handful for his exhibitor, he appeared to slope off too much in the croup but I think if set up correctly he would be better in outline. Beautiful head & eye. Lovely straight front, small feet & upright pasterns, excellent shoulders & upperarm. Good reach of neck, deep in chest, short hocks. Rather exuberant on the move but I would prefer that to lacking enthusiasm at this age.

Yearling (1,1abs)

Maiden (2) 1st B.Winter Ice At G. 2nd W. Silver Arrow to M. b/b balanced head but would prefer better eye shape. Good reach of neck, well angulated shoulders & upperarm, excellent forechest, level topline. Needs to drop into his stifles which he should do once relaxed. Moved better in this class.

Novice (1) 1st McCabe's Rachdale Gold Digger, o/b,  little stronger in head but not overdone. Very good reach of neck, well angulated fore & hind quarters, level topline. Moved well but too proud of his tail.

Graduate (3,1abs) 1st Saunder's Shanandi Flaming Surprise, appealling masculine headed o/b with kind eye, low set ears, lovely reach of slightly arched neck, straight front, deep brisket. Well bent stifles & short hocks. Lovely topline maintained on the move with good tail carriage. In excellent coat. RBD.  2nd Cole's Sorbus Storm Ryder JW, o/b more elegant in type, lovely head, well angulated forehand, deep chest. Not as strong behind or the tail carriage of 1st.

Post Graduate (3) 1st S Flaming Surprise. 2nd Dykes Daraquest Barry A Reef JW, b/b who has a better outline when standing naturally & not fighting his handler. Good head just a touch short in foreface. Good reach of neck, deep in body, strong well angulated hindquarters, moved well with lovely tail action. Mellish's Walshaw Blinded By Love For Monbrec.

Limit( 7,2abs)1st Whittingham's Juldeane Excalibur ShCm, elegant light tri, appealed in head, dark expressive eyes, low set ears, good reach of neck, well laid shoulders, level topline, well sprung ribs, good tail carriage, moved ok. 2nd Cherry's Shanandi Golden Sunset, o/b not co-operating on the stack, throwing his elbows out but on the move his front is straight, well constructed fore & hind quarters, deep chest, lovely tail action. 3rd Mellish's Gemsett Pole Position For Monbrec.

Open (2,1abs) 1st Leather's Pewterspeare The Pianoman, b/b with a lovely typical outline when stacked correctly. Good balanced head with dark expressive eyes. Well angulated shoulders, straight front, strong upright pasterns. Good reach of neck, lovely strong level topline with good tail carriage. Well angulated hindquarters. Moved ok but in common with several others could be a bit more positive behind. His maturity, type & balance took him through to Best Dog.

Sp Beginners (1) 1st J. Excalibur.


Minor Puppy (4) 1st Taylor's Wansleydale Yellow Ribbon, elegant o/b with beautiful head, dark expressive eyes, low set ears. Well constructed throughout. Already deep in brisket. Lovely topline maintained on the move. Active free & sound in action. I am sure she has a bright future. 2nd Young's Wansleydale Silver Ribbon Over Ingella, litter sister, this time a tri, not quite as forward but still very promising. Very feminine, excellent head & eye, low set ears. Straight front, good feet. Balanced throughout with lovely topline. Moved well. 3rd Hartle's Cherry Blossom.

Puppy (8) 1st Dennis/Harris/Morgan's Nattasett Sonata Arctica At Mariglen(imp.Fin.) very balanced b/b, good head, dark eyes , low earset. Excellent reach of neck, deep in brisket, straight front with well tucked in elbows. Excels in outline, well angulated hind quarters & correct tail carriage. Moved very soundly, ideally needs to be given the freedom to extend on the move. Best Puppy Bitch. 2nd McCabe's Rachdale Elegance, o/b, lovely head & expression, straight front, well angulated fore & hind quarters. Good in outline, moved freely. Loakes Rachdale Painted Lace At Goldbirch.

Pat Hammond Special Memorial Veteran (2) 1st Mitchell/Withey's Sunsprake Summer Breeze JW. lovely feminine headed o/b, soft expression, low set ears. Very good straight front & neat feet. Arched neck, good shoulders, deep in chest, strong topline, no fall away at croup, moved well. In good coat & condition. Best Veteran In Show. 2nd Jennings Kerrimere Cover Girl To Canteris, good head & eye, pleased in reach of neck, topline & hindquarters. Moved well.

Junior (2)1st Taylor's Wansleydale Bellini, beautiful, elegant o/b. Excellent head & expression, reach of neck & forehand construction. Lovely outline. Strong well developed hindquarters used well on the move. Close up in the challenge. 2nd Williamson's Hawkland Kaleidoscope, tri with a lovely balanced head & eye shape, low set ears, good reach of neck, deep in brisket, Well angulated hindquarters. Moved well but not the fluidity of 1st.

Yearling(2,1abs) 1st Mitchell/Withey's Shanandi Match Play At Sunsprake, o/b with a pretty well moulded head although eyes could be a touch darker. Straight front, excellent neck & shoulders, good depth, lovely outline, good over the croup, well turned stifles. Lovely coat & condition. Prefer a bit more enthusiasm on the move.

Maiden (3) !st N.Sonata Arctica at M, 2nd Loakes Rachdale Painted Lady At Goldbirch, pretty b/b, dark eyes, straight front, good topline, short hocks. Would like a little more front angulation but moved well enough.

Novice (5,1abs) 1st W. Bellini, 2nd R.Elegance, 3rd H. Kaleidoscope.

Graduate (5,2abs) 1st Loakes Bournehouse Sash Of Gold At Goldbirch JW, very feminine o/b but still with substance. Lovely head & eye with good finish to muzzle. Excellent shoulders, topline & hindquarters. Lovely coat & condition. Her movement in the class was excellent but she threw in the towel when it came to the challenge. 2nd Hartle's Hartsett All My Lovin, o/b, again lovely head & eye. Well angulated fore & hind quarters, level topline. Moved well. Could carry less weight to advantage. 3rd Williams Bournehouse Spring Violet.

Post Graduate (6,1abs) 1st Cherry's Shanandi Forget Me Not, b/b, lovely balanced head, dark eyes, low set ears. Good reach of neck, layback of shoulders & return of upperarm. Level topline, good tailset with no drop over the croup. Strong well angulated hindquarters. In good coat & condition. Just what I was looking for in movement, strong, sound & animated. Nearly threw her chances away in the challenge with a change of handler but once back in these capable hands regained her style & was awarded Best Bitch & Best in Show. 2nd Sykes Daraquist Abbi Riginal, lovely feminine headed o/b. Good reach of neck, straight front, well angulated fore & hind quarters, level topline, in good coat & condition. Just preferred movement of winner. 3rd Williams Bournehouse Starry Night.

Limit (5,2abs) 1st Williamson's Balvenie Sheer Surprise, dark tri with good head & eye, good reach of neck running into nice lay back of shoulder, deep through the chest, strong topline & correct tail set. Well developed hindquarters. Moved well. 2nd Darley's Bournehouse Water Music At Severnsett JW, b/b out of a different mould, lovely head, topline & hindquarters. Did not have the driving movement of 1st. 3rd Ridsdill's Koolunga Bonnie Lass.

Open (3) three lovely bitches,  any one of which could of won the class, it was very much a case of splitting hairs. 1st Harris's Sh Ch Mariglen Gift Wrapped JW, elegant light tri. Very feminine in head with dark eyes, good reach of neck, straight front with good bone & neat feet. Excels in topline & tail carriage. Moved well with good tail action. Reserve Best Bitch. 2nd Seaman's Mariglen Mercedes, b/b with lovely moulded head, well angulated & level topline. Excels in side gait with lovely long effortless strides. Just a touch looser coming towards me than my winner on final run. 3rd Tompsett's Radbrooks Kokomo.

Special Beginners (2,1abs) 1st Williams Bournehouse Spring Violet, b/b not in the best of coat but with decent head, pleases in reach of neck, shoulders & upperarm, level topline & well angulated hindquarters, Not displaying the high head carriage required but moved true.


Jane Mugford (judge)
Open Show Nov 2015 Judge - Andrea Walker
Thank you to all those who showed under me and I enjoyed the day. On the whole, I was pleased with the entry and there were a few hair splitting decisions to be made. There do seem to be quite a lot of dogs and bitches with short almost upright upper arms.This affects movement as there is insufficient front extension. Mouths were good. Movement in some was sluggish possibly due to the restricted indoor ring.


MPD (2) 1. Littlechild’s Ravensett Fire n Ice. 8 month old quality orange with a gorgeous head and expression. Sympathetically and well handled . Deep chest, straight front, correct upper arm placement and well laid back shoulders. Correct bend in stifle giving overall balanced outline.Tail set on level with back and carried well on the move. Close decision between 1 and 2 but movement more positive in winner. Will watch his career with interest. BPD
2. McCabe’s Rachdale Gold Digger
PD (2,1) 1. Littlechild’s Ravensett Fire an Ice.
VETERAN (2,1) 1. Fisher’s SH CH Beechanger Wagtail. Stood alone.8 years old well coated orange boy. He is a lovely well boned masculine dog with a soft expression. Level topline with tail set on correctly. Good angulation fore and aft which was reflected in good movement with drive and a slashing tail. Loved his balanced outline. A worthy show champion.
BV JUN (2) 1. Naylor,Morrison and Taylor’s Anlory Arras.17 month tri dog. Expertly handled and presented. Scored in conformation. Well balanced short coupled young dog with correct shoulder placement and good length of upper arm giving correct angulation matched with well bent stifles enabling him to move with drive and with super slashing tail. The best mover of the day. Although not fully mature or in his best coat I could not deny him top honours. Will watch his career with interest. Well deserved BD and BIS
2. Stead’s Upperwood Michaelmas Man
YEARLING (4,1) 1. Naylor,Morrison and Taylor’s Anlory Arras 2. Ovenstone’s Hartsett Golden Slumber.
MAIDEN (1) 1. Ovenstone’s Hartsett Golden Slumber. 2nd in previous class.20 month old orange dog with pleasing outline – level back and good tail set. Movement a little erratic and would benefit from more practice.
NOVICE (2) 1) Freeman’s Zorahs Heavenly Messenger.2 years old orange dog. Nice headed dog with soft expression leading into good reach of neck.Good bend in stifle.Needs to mature in body and gain more furnishings. Moved o.k.
2) Saunder’s Shanandi Flaming Surprise.
GRADUATE (3,1) 1) Naylor, Morrison and Taylor’s Anlory Arras 2) Saunder’s Shanandi Flaming Surprise
POSTGRADUATE (5,4) 1) Trigwell’s and Weller’s Hannahdene Danny Boy With Juldeane JW.2 yrs 8 mths compact well boned dog in excellent coat. Masculine head with soft expression. Deep chest and straight front.Level topline with correct tail set. Good bend in stifle. A little unsettled on the move in this class.




MINOR PUPPY (6,2) 1) McCabe’s Rachdale Elegance. Really liked this appropriately named six month old orange puppy. Very pretty feminine head with soft expression and good reach of neck. Good straight front with correct angulation of shoulder and length in upper arm matched by well bent stifles with well let down hocks. She has nice tight feet. Moved well for a baby. Sadly, could not stay to challenge for BPB.
2) Williamson’s Hawklawn Kaleidoscope.
PUPPY (3,1) 1) McCloughlin’s Arabin Midnight Frost.10 month old. Close decision between 1 and 2 the latter a little unsettled and overawed by her day out. Ten month old blue belton, in very good coat. Mature and good sized puppy. Short coupled and balanced in outline. Well off for bone and deep chested. Moved well BPB
2) Littlechild’s Ravensett Hello Gorgeous
VETERAN (3,1) 1) Bryant and Hollis’s Phensett Silver Moon. Seven and a half year old blue bitch. Well made with correct angulation fore and aft. Really good bend of stifle. Moved well for her age.RBB
2) Mitchell and Withey’s Sunsprake Summer breeze JW.
JUNIOR (3) 1) Naylor and Morrison’s Anlory Binch. Seventeen month old blue bitch and litter sister to the BIS.Loved her feminine head and soft expression. Not a big one, but like her brother, she is beautifully balanced due to good angulation of shoulder and correct length of upper arm matched by correct bend in stifle. Her movement was straight and with drive.
2) Attwood’s Swannery Taste of Honey
YEARLING (4,1) 1) Hartle’s Hartsett All My Lovin. 20 month old orange belton. Loved her sweet feminine head with soft expression, good reach of neck and balanced outline. Moved well.
2) William’s Bournehouse Spring Violet.
MAIDEN (2,1) 1) Mitchell and Withey’s Sorbus Taylor Maid for Sunsprake. Fifteen month old tri colour bitch. Liked her feminine head with gentle expression. Good straight front ,neat feet, well bent stifles. Moved well with animation.
NOVICE (2) 1) McCloughlin’s Arabin Midnight Frost Taf.
POSTGRADUATE (7,2) 1) Seaman’s Mariglen Mercedes JW. Well known 2 yrs 10 m old flashy and stylish blue belton. Well handled and presented. Liked her feminine head with good reach of neck, level topline, and well bent stifles. Moved well with animation. Well deserved BB and RBIS.
2) Davidson, Wells and Gray’s Mariglen Michaela with Benchmark.
LIMIT (2) 1) Dennis’s Balvenie Kismet At Mariglen.3 yrs and 10 month old dark tri-colour bitch. Lovely head and soft expression leading into good reach of neck. Straight front good bone and well bent stifles. Very close decision between 1 and 2 but winner moved with more drive and enthusiasm. Not in her best coat but a worthy winner.
2) Harris’s Gemsett Ultra Violet
OPEN (1,1) SPECIAL BEGINNERS (1) 1) William’s Bournehouse Spring Violet. 21 month old made blue in good coat.Feminine head with soft expression.Straight front and neat feet. Liked her level topline and tail set. Good bend of stifle. Moved very well.
Open Show Nov 2014 Judge - David Shields
30TH November 2014
MPD ( 3,1 )
1 Thomson’s Mariglen Fetlar Caspellwynd. Very promising young man of excellent make and shape. Pleasing head and expression, good reach of neck set in well placed shoulders, lovely depth of chest for his age, short backed, well made quarters. Presented in super coat and condition. When he put all four feet on the ground was the soundest of movers ! BPD.
2 Jones Kerrimere Sing The Blues to Redbornstoke. Pleasing sort but at present not the scope or finish of the winner. Very well balanced throughout and built on clean lines. Good head and eye, very clean over the neck and shoulders. Level topline that he kept on the move, good bend of stifle, moved well.
PD ( 3 )
1 Dale’s Beechanger Night Hawk over Laurelset. Good size, pleasing bone and substance and well developed body for his age. Very typical in head with a good eye and expression, well made front assembly, good spring of rib, best of hindquarters, very well presented, sound on the move.
2 Kerrimere Sing The Blues to Redbornstoke.
3 Kelly’s Lakecastle Prince Consort.
VD ( 2 )
1 Loakes Sh.Ch.Goldbirch Guys N Dolls JW ShCM. Favourite of mine who I have done well in the past and again was on top of his game today. Lovely size, make and shape with that elegant outlook one looks for in the breed. Best of heads, beautifully balanced with good length, lovely eye and expression, excellent reach of neck set in well placed shoulders, good body shape, strong quarters. Such a sound and positive mover with a lovely tail carriage and that typical slashing tail action, BD, BV & BIS.
2 Taylor’s Sh.Ch.Wansleydale Royal Flush JW. Another top class exhibit who pushed the winner all the way. Beautifully balanced throughout and built on clean flowing lines. Good head and eye, very clean over the neck and shoulders, best of legs and feet, well sprung ribs, level topline that he keeps on the move, good bend of stifle. Moved out well with good reach and drive, RBD.
JD ( 5 )
1 Saunders Shanandi Flaming Surprise. Well made throughout. Good, head, eye and expression. Excellent reach of neck with a good layback of shoulder, pleasing depth of chest with plenty of heartroom.  Good width of hindquarters , well let down hocks, moved soundly.
2 Corfield’s Balvenie Beau Wilkes. Presents a very pleasing outlook, nicely balanced and of good type. Pleasing head piece, strong muscular neck, well made front, good topline and tailset, nicely rounded quarters, moved well. On the day not the body of the winner.
JD ( cont.)
3 Wale & Bailey’s Wansleydale King’s Magic.
YD ( 5,3 )
1 McCabe’s Rachdale Sea Fever JW. Liked this young man a lot, so beautifully put together. Lovely shape and has that very typical elegant appearance. Pleasing head  with a good eye and expression, best of fronts standing on good legs and feet. Excellent depth of chest, level topline, well made hindquarters, very sound on the move.
2 Shanandi Flaming Surprise.
MD ( 2 )
1 Beechanger Night Hawk over Laurelset.
2 Tapp’s Epsom Jet. Pleasing size and shape. Balanced head with a good expression but would just prefer a more masculine outlook. Clean in front, good legs and feet, firm topline and a good bend of stifle moved well once he got into his stride.
ND ( 4,2 )
1 Wansleydale King’s Magic. Good size and presents a very pleasing outline. Balanced head of good length, well made front, good body with a pleasing spring of rib, level topline, good tailset, well bent stifles. Moved soundly fore and aft.
2 Freeman’s Zorahs Heavenly Messenger. Very typical throughout and nicely balanced. Good head and eye, well developed body with pleasing depth of chest. Rounded quarters with pleasing width of second thigh. Not so positive on the move as the winner.
GD ( 4,2 )
1 Kelly’s Bournehouse Glorious Day. Another very pleasing sort, so very well made throughout and of very good shape , size and balance. Pleasing head  with a good eye and expression. Very clean over the neck and shoulders, good depth of chest, short backed, pleasing topline and tailset, very sound on the move.
2 Corfield’s Indibrooke Hawaiian Goose. Slightly rangier in appearance and not the body of the winner on the day. Pleasing head and eye,  well made front assembly, firm back, good tailset and carriage, moved well.
PGD (3,1 )
1 Tompsett’s Radbrooks God Only Knows. Good type of dog with a very typical appearance. Pleasing size with good bone and substance throughout. Balanced head, good expression, excellent reach of neck set in well placed shoulders. Correct topline and tailset, good width of hindquarters, best of movers with very good reach and drive.
2 Jarvis’s Balvenie Just A Surprise. Pleasing type built on clean lines. Good head and eye, strong muscular neck, straight front, well sprung ribs, firm level topline that he keeps on the move, nicely rounded quarters, moved soundly. Would just prefer him a tad shorter in back.
LD  ( 3,1 )
1 Marsden’s Upperwood In The Groove. Very impressive dog built on flowing lines and has that clean elegant appearance the standard asks for. Pleasing head and expression, good length of neck with well laid backed shoulders, firm body, short coupled, good bend of stifle, moved soundly on a free and easy stride.
2 Bacon’s Desert Dreamer. Good size and has a very typical outlook. Best of heads with a good eye and expression. Excellent depth of chest with plenty of heartroom. Short backed, pleasing hindquarters, sound on the move.
OD ( 3 )
SBD ( 2,1 )
1 Bournehouse Glorious Day
MPB ( 6,2 )
1 Williams & Kaizaki’s Lakecastle Kasumi. Very forward young lady who is very well made throughout and presents  a beautiful clean and balanced outlook. Good head, eye and expression, best of front assemblies standing on excellent legs and feet. Good depth of chest for her age, well developed body, best of toplines, lovely tailset and carriage, pleasing quarters, soundest of movers, presented in first class order, BPB & BPIS.
2 Taylor’s Mariglen Fathom for Maursett. Real baby and not as forward as the winner but shows much promise. Lovely type and is so well made throughout. Loved her head and expression, plenty of bone and substance for her age, good neck and shoulders, pleasing body shape, good spring of rib, well rounded hindquarters. Once she got into her stride moved soundly with a very positive attitude.
3 Hartle’s Hartsett All My Lovin.
PB ( 2 )
1 Lakecastle Kasumi
2 William’s Bournehouse Spring Violet. Good size with a very feminine outlook but has the required bone and substance to complete the picture. Pleasing head shape, with a kind eye and soft expression. Well ribbed for her age, strong well developed quarters, sound on the move.


VB ( 4,2 )
1 Mitchell & Sunsparkle Finn’s Fantasy with Scratchwood JW. Definitely belies her twelve and a half years. Lovely head with that typical eye and expression, well made front assembly, good legs and feet, pleasing body shape, best of hindquarters. Can still move out well, very sound both fore and aft.
2 Wootton’s Cransett Back To School at Wistaston. Another very pleasing type who presents a very typical outlook. Well balanced head with a good eye and expression, best of neck and shoulders, good depth of body. Moved well but on the day not as positive as the winner.
JB ( 6,2 )
1 Taylor’s Wansleydale Queen Bee. Stunning young bitch not long out of puppy. So beautifully made throughout combining substance and strength with that elegant appearance which is so typical of the breed. Loved her head and expression, scores in neck and shoulders, straightest of fronts, well developed body for her age, firm level topline that she keeps on the move, super tail action, best of quarters with well developed second thigh. Soundest of movers, so positive with great reach and drive. Although a little between coats could not be denied top honours on the day, BB, BOS & RBIS.
2 Cherry’s Shanandi Forget Me Not. Another lovely young bitch of good type and was unlucky to come up against the winner today. Good size, make and shape. Pleasing head with a very good eye and expression. Good reach of neck set in well placed shoulders, excellent depth of chest, good spring of rib, strong well muscled hindquarters. Very sound positive mover.
3 Oliver’s Wansleydale Faerie Queene at Bramstorm.
YB ( 6,2 )
1 Seamon’s Mariglen Mercedes. Good size and very well made throughout. So well balanced with very good bone and substance but has a very feminine outlook. Pleasing head and expression, very clean over the neck and shoulders, firm well developed body, correct topline and tailset, nicely angulated quarters, soundest of movers.
2 McCabe’s Rachdale Sea Pearl. Pleasing type of very good conformation and built on clean lines. Best of heads with a good eye and expression. Strong muscular neck set in well placed shoulders, good depth of chest, well bodied, firm well rounded hindquarters. Moved soundly but not as positive on the day as the winner.
3 William’s Bournehouse Starry Night.
MB ( 6,1 )
1 Wansleydale Queen Bee
2 Lakecastle Kasumi
3 Harding’s Rachdale Sea Jewel at Cumbersett
NB ( 6,1 )
1 Wansleydale Queen Bee
2 Shanandi Forget Me Not
3 Rachdale Sea Jewel at Cumbersett
GB ( 5,2 )
1 Harris’s Gemsett Ultra Violet. Bitch of lovely balance and very pleasing make and shape throughout. Best of heads, good  length with pleasing depth of muzzle, kind eye and good expression. Scores in neck and shoulders, good body shape, short backed, strong well muscled quarters that she uses to advantage on the move.
2 Calladine’s Hartsett Chardonney. Good size with plenty of bone and substance but shows no sign of coarseness and still has a very feminine outlook. Good head and eye, excellent depth of chest, well sprung ribs, good bend of stifle. Sound, but not as positive on the move as the winner.
3 Corfield’s Indibrooke Georgia Rose.
PGB ( 5,3 )
1 Williamson’s Balvenie Sheer Surprise. Very pleasing type who handles well. Clean outline and built on flowing lines. Very feminine in head with a lovely expression. Good depth of chest, well sprung ribs, pleasing topline and tailset, well bent stifles, lovely slashing tail action. Moved very soundly both fore and aft.
2 Dyte’s Valsett Starlite Up N Rosie. Good size, pleasing shape with excellent bone and substance throughout. Balanced head with a pleasing expression, well developed body, short coupled, nicely rounded hindquarters. Moved well but not the drive and reach of the winner.
LB ( 4,1 )
1 Tompsett’s Radbrooks Kokomo. Not the flashiest of bitches but is so honest throughout and needs to be handled to appreciate her many virtues. Has that degree of elegance in outline and is so well constructed. Very typical in head with a good eye shape and kind expression. Well made front assembly, best of legs and feet, strong well muscled body, level topline, excellent tailset and carriage, best of quarters. Such a sound positive mover, RBB.
2 Loakes Mariglen Goldikova. Different stamp and style to the winner but another quality bitch of good type and is very well made throughout. Lovely head and eye with a very typical expression.  Best of fronts standing on good legs and feet, excellent depth of chest with plenty of heartroom, well ribbed, short coupled, well rounded hindquarters, moved very soundly.
3 Owen’s Sunrush Moonlight Sonata.


OB ( 5 )
SBB ( 3 )
1 Rachdale Sea Jewel at Cumbersett. Pleasing size and good conformation throughout. Typical head with a good eye and expression. Very clean over the neck and shoulders. strong firm body, good depth throughout, well sprung ribs sound on the move striding out on a free and easy stride.
2 Bournehouse Starry Night. Well made bitch of good type. Pleasing head and eye, straight front, very well off for bone and substance, excellent depth of chest, good width of quarters, well bent  stifles. Moved well but not quite as positive as the winner on the day.
3 Harding’s Bumblecorn Miss Muffet at Cumbersett.
Open Show May 2011 Judge - Keith Lewis
Midland English Setter Society 15.05.11.


The Midland English Setter Society held an Open Show at Baginton Village Hall, near Coventry where, from a very pleasing entry, BIS was Darley’s Sh Ch Severnsett Dancing Queen; RBIS Fisher’s Beechanger Wagtail JW, ShCM;  BP, Dennis’ Mariglen Beautiful Dawn and BV was Dennis’ Sh Ch Fenston Arabella at Mariglen.  My sincere thanks to the Committee for their hospitality, to my two very efficient stewards, and to the exhibitors for the very sporting way they took my decisions on a coldish, but essentially dry day.

MPD. (3). 1. Tompsett’s Radbrooks Homeward Bound. This 8 month light blue belton dog was not fully cooperating with his handler today but just did enough to take this class.  Strong, masculine head.  Scored over 2 today on overall balance and substance, though his rear angulation could have been better.  Head carried high on the move with tail used to good effect.  Pleasing length of well-muscled neck. Super depth of well-ribbed chest. Good width over loin.  2.  Mortimer’s Phlerdor Thief of Time.  A lighter-boned 6 month light blue belton.  Close up to winner but showing early promise and has time on his side.  Moved soundly and with drive.  Showed really good muscle-tone for one so young.  3.  Stolworthy’s Shanandi Orange Passion. 
PD.  (3, 1).  1.  Field’s Mariglen Sea The Stars For Fenston.   Light tri dog of nearly 12 months, the better-balanced of these two puppy dogs.  Scored strongly in head, neck and shoulders.  Lovely clear and expressive eyes.  Good reach of gently-arched neck into correct level topline.  Well-off for bone and nice tight feet. Pleasing depth of brisket and well let-down in stifles.  Moved positively and with real drive. carrying his tail on a lashing level plain.  BPD.  2.  Jolley’s Wansleydale Tribute To Jolymore.  An attractive light orange belton dog of pleasing type, though lacking the substance of my winner.  Moved ok but have seen him move with more enthusiasm than he showed today. 
VD. (1).  1.  Hammond’s Hartsett Paper Skye For Oaktrish.  Upstanding 8 year-old light o/b dog standing alone today but clearly enjoying his day out as he was indeed when he last came under me a few years ago.  He has a well-balanced head with correct depth of stop and well-pronounced occiput.  Slightly-arched neck of good length, into well-laid shoulders. Good level top-line which he held well when moving.  Well-bent stifles.  Moved soundly.
  JD.  (3). Close contest between the first two youngsters 1. Armstrong-Rogers Beechanger Duke of Argus.  14 month light o/b.  A lovely and lively youngster with much to like about him. He is well-balanced and has good angulation fore and aft.  Good foreface, well-made head with lovely close ear-set and strong, well-muscled neck, correct layback of shoulder and lovely ribbing.  Coat coming along nicely.  2.  Croft’s Fencefoot Fond Memory.  O/b boy of 17 months with a very pleasing head who was unlucky to meet my winner on such good form in the ring (despite his handlers bad fall).  On balance, I just preferred the better top-line and more precise movement of my winner , but I can well see them changing places on another occasion. 3.  Leather’s Pewterspeare The Pianoman.
 YD.  (5).  Another close decision between the first two. 1.  Stephenson’s Starting School At Steeplow JW.  Yet another light orange and such a well-balanced young man, with a well-chiselled head, lovely low ear-set and pleasing expression.  Good reach of neck into well-laid shoulders, he showed sound angulation at both front and back and the correct level topline.  Deep, well-sprung chest, good bone, tight feet. Moved soundly and with drive to take this class.  2.  Mortimer’s Bournehouse Silver Quest At Phlerdor JW.  Promising blue belton with a beautiful lightly-textured coat, whose movement today just lacked the precision of my winner.  3.  Armstrong-Rogers B. Duke of Argus.
  MD. (1).  Absent.  ND.  (2). 1.  Armstrong-Rogers B. Duke of Argus.  2.  Field’s M. Sea The Stars For Fenston. 
GD.  (5, 1).  1.  Croft’s F. Fond Memory.  Earlier, a close runner-up in the Junior Dog class but this win gave him, I understand, his JW.  Well done!  2.  Schoneville & Derrys Balvenie Arizona Sunset.  Light orange dog – he ran the winner close as regards construction though his rear movement could have been more positive and precise today.  3.  Evan’s Pewterspeare Piece Of Eight. 
PGD. (4,1).  1.  Bridgwater, Jeffery & Davies’ Brucelm Diamond Harry Rocks Bridgella.  Two year-old blue belton dog of medium length who was later my choice as Reserve Best Dog.  Though, to be honest, I just preferred the head of my runner-up, my winner, a light blue belton, is maturing nicely and could not be denied on the strength of his overall construction and make-up.  He has excellent  angulation both back and front with very well let-down stifles and a super width of upper thigh. But his handler needs to curb his tendency to rock back when stacked which did not help him today in today’s challenge.  Very good depth and spring of rib.  Moved out soundly, with drive and precision, holding his topline and using his lashing tail to very good effect.   2.  Arkley’s Hartsett Northern Lights.  3 year-old tri boy with a beautifully crafted head, sound overall balance and lovely softly textured coat but for me today, just lacking the verve and soundness on the move of my class winner.  3. Sketchley’s Kerrimere Royal Design.
 LD.  (6, 2).  1.  Fisher’s Beechanger Wagtail JW, ShCM.  4 year-old light Orange who, I think, has been a relatively slow developer but not on today’s evidence.   Beautiful head with just the right depth of muzzle, and a good length of well-arched neck.  Correct lay-back of shoulder and level topline whether standing or on the move.  Moved soundly.  Well-deserved to win this class and later, Best Dog and Reserve Best in Show.  2.  Arkley’s Hartsett Poetry In Motion. Nicely-balanced dark-blue belton who again presented a very pleasing picture, though not quite the finish to the head of 1.  Showed real animated movement today and used his tail to very pleasing effect.  3.  Schoneville and Derry’s Balvenie Buccaneer JW.
 OD.  (4). 1. Close decision for first place between two handsome orange beltons with the decision going to the one showing the more positive movement and slightly better-balanced outline.  1.  Attwood, Poellaenen and Vaekiparta’s  Fin Ch Swannery Unforgettable .  Nothing over-stated with this 4 year-old who took full advantage of the large ring where he strode out to good effect. Pleasing and well-balanced masculine head with very expressive eyes, good depth of muzzle, nicely raised brows and well-defined occiput.  Lovely sweep of slightly arched neck into good clean shoulders.  Sound angulation front and rear with well-feathered tail set well-on.  2.  Gittins’ Beechanger Golden Spinner At Roftmar JW. Another nice orange though today he seemed not to drive out as well as he once did.  He has a very pleasing masculine head and expression, and a lovely low ear-set   Nicely-balanced, with a satisfying sweep of stifle, tail set on well.  3.  Jolley’s Wansleydale Loganberry At Jolymore ShCM.
  SBD.  (1) 1.  Evans P. Piece of Eight.  Orange Belton – was 3rd in my Graduate class but stood alone here.  Deep-chested with a good spring of rib, he was presented in good coat and condition, though his rear movement today was just a little untidy. 
MPB. (4, 2).  1.  Mortimer’s Phlerdor Colour of Magic. 6 ½ month light tri baby who responded to some very gentle handling with a confidence belying her age.  Pretty and well-balanced head, pleasing depth of chest, good upper arm angulation and nice bend of stifle. Movement was all one could ask for at this early stage.  2.  Neath’s Albadora Midnight Girl. Slightly bigger and heavier- boned girl than my winner but tended to move with her head lowered towards the ground and this spoilt an otherwise quite pleasing picture. 
PB.  (3). Class of three lovely youngsters from the same litter, as I was afterwards informed.  1.  Dennis’ Mariglen Beautiful Dawn.  Her name well befits this hugely promising light o/b girl of nearly 12 months, whose maturity belies her age.  I loved her and will watch her career with keen anticipation.  She simply oozes quality, from the super feminine head, through the sweep of her beautifully-arched neck and clean well-laid shoulders to her strong quarters and lashing well-feathered tail.  She won this class quite comfortably and was ultimately my choice as BPB and BPIS.  2.  McCabe’s Mariglen Nina Fever, a promising tri also of very sound construction and though, today, her movement today did not quite live up to the standard of the winner, she should nevertheless go on to give her owner/handler a lot of fun.  3. Sharples’ Mariglen Flaming Sunset. 
VB.  (3, 1).  Lovely to see these two 9-year olds still in such sparkling condition.  Thank you so much for bringing them.  1.  Dennis’ Sh. Ch. Fenston Arabella At Mariglen, Orange belton.  Stood and moved so very soundly, a lesson to some of the younger ones here today in both respects; indeed, I thought her bone, movement and overall balance today gave her a clear edge over the runner-up.  So very feminine, she scores strongly in head, neck and shoulders, and had a profusion of soft, silky coat to complete the picture.  A very worthy winner and later BVIS.  2.  Bradford’s Balvenie Fields Of Gold At Bilandris.  Another o/b, aging well, but unlucky to meet the winner in such great nick today.
  JB.  (7, 3).  Nice class of promising youngsters with a very close decision between the first two. 1.  Attwood’s Swannery Field of Dreams who I see was marking her 1st birthday today with this well-deserved win over two very nice slightly older bitches.  The winner is an Orange Belton with a pleasing head and melting expression, super reach of neck, pleasing lay-back of shoulder, correct top line and good angulation fore and aft. Well-ribbed chest with good depth and ribbing. Tail set on well and used to very good effect.  2. Sketchley’s Kerrimere Lindy Lou.  Light o/b, with a lovely softly-textured coat.  She moved with soundness and drive  and could well change places with my winner on another occasion.  3.  Tompsett’s Redbrooks Kokomo. 
YB.  (5, 2).  1.  Hartle’s Cherry Bee JW.   Highly promising 22 month light orange girl who I later chose as my Reserve Best Bitch.  I am sure her day will come!  She is so sound in construction and balance and my eye was immediately drawn to her as she entered the ring.  Beautiful, very feminine head and eye.  Super reach of well-muscled and gently arched neck into sound shoulders. Has real depth and substance in body, good angulation at both front and rear, with great strength in quarters and good muscle tone.  Showed good sound movement. I shall watch her career with interest and anticipation.  2.  S. Field of Dreams.  3.  Osborne’s Llinlow Caribbean Night. 
MB. (3). 1.  Dennis’ M. Beautiful Dawn.  2.  Attwood’s S. Field of Dreams.  3.  Sharples M. Flaming Sunset.  NB.  (6, 2).  1.  Dennis’ M. Beautiful Dawn.  2.  Attwood’s S. Field of Dreams.  3.  McCabe’s Mariglen Nina Fever.
  GB.  (4, 1).  Very close contest between the first two, with my winner’s more positive movement today being the determining factor.  1.  Watkin’s Richecca Starlite Ruby Red of Valsett.  Dark orange bitch of good depth who scored well on movement, head, neck and angulation aspects, though, to be picky, her topline could have been more level   2.  Lawson’s Mariglen Ice Crystal JW.  Lovely reach of slightly arched neck.  Though I preferred her topline to that of 1.  she fell a little short by comparison in terms of overall balance.  Very close thing though!  3.  Saunder’s Shanandi Evening Star.
  PGB.  (4, 1).  1.  Bird’s Cransett Back To Romance JW.  3 year- old b/b of pleasing bone, proportions and balance, with a super each of neck, well-laid shoulders, level topline, which she held well when moving soundly, lashing tail. Good angulation front and back, deep brisket and well-sprung ribs.  Nice tight feet.  2.  Sharples and Dennis’ Mariglen Crystal Gayle.  Many of the same comments apply though this o/b girl did not present such a pleasing, well-balanced picture as my winner when asked to move hence the outcome. 3.  Hunt’s Ravensett Hopes N Dreams For Dreamsett. 
LB.  (6, 2).  Very little to choose today between the first two, both of which were light o/b’s with again, the outcome decided largely on movement. 1.  Greenhalgh’s Leksmoor Clarice Cliff JW.  Sweet-headed girl with well-balanced head on just the right length of slightly arched neck.  Good shoulder and topline properties.  Tended to rock back when stacked but moved with much more animation today than when she last came under me, using her tail to good effect.  2.   Cherry’s Shanandi Shining Star. Of pleasing overall appearance, this well-balanced girl is again very feminine, had a soft silky coat and moved soundly, though with not quite the drive and extension of my winner.  3. Turner’s Bournehouse Dream Of Daisy. 
OB.  (3, 2).  1.  Darley’s Sh Ch Severnsett Dancing Queen.  I did very well for this six-year old blue belton girl some four years ago in a breed club memorial class and thought her then an outstanding prospect. Those early expectations have certainly been fulfilled and today she looked a picture of elegance from her well-refined head with long close-set ears, to the tip of her tail which she carries and uses to such pleasing effect when moving.  She has a super front with just the right amount of width, a really deep brisket, super ribbing. a lovely bend of stifle, neat feet, really good muscle toning, and a lovely silky-smooth coat to complete the picture.  BIS.
 SBB.  (4). 1.  Lawson’s  M. Ice Crystal JW.  2.  Sharples & Dennis’ M. Crystal Gayle.  3.  Saunder’s Shanandi Evening Star.
Keith Lewis (Judge)
Memorial Classes:
Judge Margaret Richards (Rubuscott)
Jill Christie Memorial Junior Award. This class gave me cause for concern as there were a couple of untypical heads and some very close hind movement. (10, 4) Sketchley’s Kerrimere Lindy Lou, sweet o/b bitch, lovely head and expression. Short level back, deep ribs, well angulated quarters, in good coat and condition. A sound happy mover. 2 Jolley and Taylor’s Wansleydale Tribute to Jolymore. 11months old o/b male, masculine head, dark eye, well constructed throughout, in hard condition, moved well. 3 Dales’ Moorbrook Little Mermaid at Laurelsett Little Mermaid.

Madge Pearson Memorial Open Award.  1Hartle’s hartsett Cherry Bee. Quality bitch, beautiful head and soft expression. Correct neck and shoulders, good mouth and spring of rib. Strong bone, tight level topline, powerful quarters, moved well, in lovely coat. 2. Lawson’s Mariglen Ice Crystal JW. Feminine b/b. Has personaility plus, different type to winner. Lean head with dark eyes, clean neck and shoulders, level topline, very well muscled, well angulated quarters, balanced outline, though to be critical her handler sometimes tends to overstretch her. Moved with enthusiasm but not the finish of 1. 3 Schoneville and Derry’s Balvenie Buccaneer
Open Show Nov 2010 Judge - Denis Rockall
Minor Puppy Dog (3 1ab)
1st         Mrs PJ Field MARIGLEN SEA THE STARS FOR FENSTON Lovely 6 month old dog good head with kind expression, good length of neck into well laid back shoulders. level top line, nice angulation both fore and aft, well boned. Best Puppy Dog
2nd        Mr R Hutchinson MARIGLEN DANCING BRAVE brother to above, nice head with good reach of neck, level top line. Good depth of body. Good turn of stifle.  
Puppy Dog (1ab)
Jo King Special Memorial Veteran Dog (1)
1st         Mrs M.E. Richards RUBUSCOTT ITS ALL OVER NOW well balanced dark blue dog with nice masculine head. Well laid shoulders with level top line and good tail set. Good angulation both fore and aft. Nicely boned. Move well. Best Veteran in Show
Junior Dog (2)
1st         Mr E Mrs K E Stephenson WISTASTON STARTING SCHOOL AT STEEPLOW 15 month o/b dog well balanced overall. Nice head with good reach of neck into well laid back shoulders. Nice top line, good turn of stifle
Moved well.
2nd        Mr R Shepherd WOLLENSETT AUTUMNAL AFFAIR 13 month o/b dog kind head with good length of neck, good depth of body with level top line. Stifles well turned.
Yearling Dog (5)
1st        Ms T Watkins MARIGLEN SNOWDRIFT AT HAYWORTH tri dog balanced throughout. Lovely head with good reach of neck, good depth of body with level top line and nice tail set. Good turn of stifle. Well boned. Moved with drive.  Reserve Best Dog
2nd        Mrs A L Golby SUNHOUSE HERE COMES THE SUN TO SHADYMOORE o/b dog with nice head. Good reach of neck with level top line. Good turn of stifle. Moved well
5th         Bridgewater & Davies & Jeffery BRUCELM DIAMOND HARRY ROCKS BRIDGELLA
Maiden Dog (2)
2nd        Mr R Hutchinson WALSHAW MIDNIGHT MOONLIGHT Nicely balanced with good head and reach of neck with well laid shoulders. Good top line, well turned stifles. Moved well
Novice Dog (3 2ab)
Graduate Dog (3 1ab)
1st         Mr P Schoneville & Mrs A Derry BALVENIE ARIZONA SUNSET nicely balanced dog with good head, good reach of neck with level top line. Good depth of body, nicely turn stifles. Moved well
Post Graduate Dog (3 2 ab)
1st         Mrs M Withey & Mrs F Mitchell SUNSPRAKE RAGING STORM OVER SCRATCHWOOD. Nicely balanced with good front and masculine head. Good length of neck with level top line good turn of stifle. Nice feet. Moved well.
Limit Dog (2 1ab )
1st         Mr P Schoneville & Mrs A Derry BALVENIE BUCCANEER Well bodied B/B with nicely balance head. Good length of neck into well placed shoulders . good boning and turn of stifle. Moved well
Open Dog (2 1ab)
1st         Mrs S D Laokes GOLDBIRCH GUYS N DOLLS o/b dog standing fore square. Real masculine head with well define stop. Long muscular neck into well laid back shoulders. deep chest and well sprung ribs,
level top line with good set tail. Good angulation both Fore and Aft. Nice feet. Moved with strength and Drive. Enjoying his day out to the full. Best Dog & Best in Show

Special Beginners Dog (0)
Minor Puppy Bitch (6 1ab)
1st        Mrs S A Dale MOORBROOK LITTLE MERMAID AT LAURELSET 8 month o/b bitch with nice head and sweet expression. Well balanced with nice front. Nicely placed shoulders with good top line. Good turn of stifle. Moved well. 
2nd        Mrs J Dennis MARIGLEN BEAUIFULL DAWN 6 month old light o/b bitch with good boning, feminine head,
Good length of neck with level top line. Good turn of stifle. 
3rd         Mrs M Sharples MARIGLEN FLAMING SUNSET
4th         Mrs S D Laokes MARIGLEN GOLDIKOVA
5th         Mr B V & Mrs M A Attwood SWANNERY FIELD OF DREAMS
Puppy Bitch (4 3 ab)
1st         Mrs R E Goutorbe UPPERWOOD SNOWBALL FOR REDHARA nice feminine head with sweet expression.  Nice length of neck, Good depth of body with level top line good tail set, well angulated both fore and aft. Moved well
Jo King Special Memorial Veteran Bitch (6 3ab)
1st         Mrs J Dennis SH CH FENSTON ARABELLA AT MARIGLEN well balanced o/b bitch with lovely head and sweet expressive eyes. Good length of neck into well laid back shoulders. Good depth of body with level top line and tail set. Moved well.
2nd        Mrs I Bradford BALVENIE FIELDS OF GOLD AT BILANDRIS o/b bitch well balanced overall lovely sweet expression, good reach of neck and level top line and good tail set. Nice angulation moved with drive.
3rd         Mr B V & Mrs M.A. Attwood SH CH SWANNERY GOLDEN VALENTINE
Junior Bitch (5 1 ab)
1st         Mr G & Mrs S Littlechild RAVENSETT BLONDIE Beautiful well balanced o/b bitch with feminine head and sweet expressive eyes, lovely reach of neck into well laid back shoulders. Good depth of body, short coupled with level top line and well sprung ribs with nice tail set. Good angulation. Well muscled. Good boning. Moved with strength and purpose.  Best Bitch
2nd        Mr C E & Mrs C R HARTSETT CHERRYBEE light o/b bitch well balanced throughout. Nice front, Feminine head, Good length of neck with level top line, Good depth of body. Good turn of stifle. Moved well.
4th         Miss H Osborne LLINLOW CARIBBEAN NIGHT
Yearling Bitch (5 2 ab)
1st         Mrs V Couzens MANDYSET BLUE MURDER AT EARLDOMS Lovely dark blue bitch. Nice straight front, lovely feminine head. Good reach of neck into well placed shoulders. short coupled with level top line.
Good depth of body, nice feet. Good turn of stifle. Moved with drive and purpose.
2nd        Mr C E & Mrs C R HARTSETT CHERRYBEE
3rd         Mr R Shepherd WOLLENSETT AUTUMNAL GOLD
Maiden Bitch (7 2 ab)
1st        Mr C A & Mrs A L Saunders SHANANDI EVENING STAR o/b bitch  well balanced. Nice head good reach of neck with level top line and well set on tail. Deep through the heart, good angulation, lovely coat moved well
2nd        Mrs J Dennis MARIGLEN NINA FVER 6 month old tri puppy, Lovely head with sweet expressive. Good reach of neck into nice shoulders and level top tine with well set tail. Good depth of body and nicely short coupled.
Good angulation. Lovely coat. Moved with drive.  Best Puppy in Show
5th         Miss H Osborne LLINLOW CARIBBEAN NIGHT
Novice Bitch (5 2 ab 1 w/d)
1st        Mr C A & Mrs A L Saunders SHANANDI EVENING STAR
2nd        Mr R Shepherd WOLLENSETT AUTUMNAL LEAVES o/b bitch well balanced with good front, nice expressive head, good length of neck , deep chest. Good angulation  nice feet. Moved well
Graduate Bitch (7 3 ab)
1st         Mr G & Mrs S Littlechild RAVENSETT BLONDIE
2nd        Mrs M Sharples & Mrs J Dennis MARIGLEN CRYSTAL GAYLE lovely well balanced tri with good front, sweet head. Good length of neck into well placed shoulders and level top line. Good angulation through out nice boning. Moved well
3rd         Mrs F Mitchell & Mrs M Withey SUNSPRAKE SUMMER BREEZE
4th         Mr R Shepherd WOLLENSETT AUTUMNAL GOLD
Post Graduate Bitch (3)
1st        Mrs N Hunt RAVENSETT HOPES N DREAM FOR DREAMSETT o/b with lovely front, feminine head with sweet expression. Good length of neck into well laid back shoulder and level top line nice tail set. Deep through the heart, nicely short coupled. Good spring of rib. Nice turn of stifle. Moved with drive and purpose Reserve Best Bitch
2nd        Mr C G & Mrs J M Bird CRANSETT BACK TO ROMANCE well balanced bitch with nice head, good length of neck into well laid shoulders, nice top line . good turn of stifle. Moved well.
Limit Bitch (4 2 ab)
1st         Mr P Schoneville & Mrs A Derry FANTAIL’S JUST GEORGIA VOOR BALVENIE tri bitch with lovely head and expression. Good length of neck and shoulders with good top line and well set tail. Good depth through the heart. Nice turn of stifle. Moved well
2nd        Mrs J Turner UPPERWOOD NORTHERN LIGHTS well balanced tri, nice head, good length of neck, level top line. Well turned stifles. Moved well
Open Bitch (4 2 ab)
1st         Mr B V & Mrs M A Attwood SH CH SWANNERY FINLANDIA o/b well balanced and lovely boning. Sweet feminine head, good length of neck into well placed shoulders. Level top line and nice tail set. Good depth of body through the heart, short coupled. Good turn of stifle. Nice feet. Moved with drive.
2nd        Mrs A l Golby SHADYMOORE PRYD ‘N’ PREDUJICE Dark o/b bitch with nice head. Good neck and shoulder placement. Level top line. Good angulation. Nice feet. Moved well
Special Beginners Bitch (4 2 ab 1 w/d)
1st        Mrs N Hunt MANORROY MY FAIR LADY Dark b/b with nice front, sweet head and good length of neck, with level top line. Good tail set, nice turn of stifle. Moved well.           
Open Show May 2010 Judge - Wilma Reid
Midland English Setter  Society. Open Show. May 2010

It was a pleasure to judge this well run show and the beautiful day made it even more enjoyable, but not for the dogs, many were feeling the heat. It is some time since I have judged a quantity of the breed and it has to be said that many exhibits had bad dentition and wrong mouths and as the breed standard changed many years ago to scissor bite I feel this has to be addressed. I was also dismayed at the number of dogs with short upper forearm giving a stilted front movement and not allowing free flowing ground covering action. It is however good to see that breed type is still to the fore of our gorgeous dogs.

M.P.D. 1st, Trigwells, Hannahdene Status Quo, 8mth tri, a very balanced youngster super head, good shoulders, correct coupling and good width to stifle very sound and stylish on the move held top line and covered the ground B.D.P.& B.P.I.S. 2nd,  Stephenson’s, Wistaston  Starting School at Steeplow, O/B Similar comments as 1 again a balanced youngster with a lot to like not as settled as 1 on the move today probably the heat. 3rd, Shepherds. Wollensett Autumnal Affair.

P.D. 1st, Armstrong-Rodgers, Scottsway Demon Dust, O/B, Good head and dark eye. Strong top line and depth to chest for his age moved well and steady. 2nd, Shepherds, Wollensett Autumnal Affair.

V.D.1st, Hammonds Hartsett Paper Skye for Oaktrish, O/B, Lovely head and dark eye good length of neck into well laid shoulders, round rib with as good an underline as a top line moved soundly. B.V.I.S. 2nd, Hammonds, Bournehouse Paper Parade for Oaktrish, O/B, from the same kennel similar comments just not as elegant on the move as 1. 3rd, Dennis’s Sh.Ch. Gemsett Dark Forces at Mariglen

J.D. 1st, Bridgewater, Davies & Jefferys, Brucelm Diamond Harry Rocks Bridgella, B/B, Lovely head good stop and width to muzzle well muscled neck into well laid shoulders correct upper forearm good spring of rib and strong top line great width to stifle and good presentation moved soundly for the young runner.2nd  Golby & Martin’s,  Sunhouse Here Comes the Sun to Shadymoore, O/B, Good head neck  and shoulders great bone and depth, slightly longer in loin than 1 and not as strong in top line yet but will improve with age and muscular development.

Y.D. 1st Cooks Moorbrook Firecracker at Pernickety, O/B, Good head with masculinity yet refined correct expression and proportions long well muscled neck into good shoulders excellent bone with good legs and feet correct coupling and depth while allowing sound free movement from well muscled quarters with a great head carriage. Res B.D. 2nd Brucelm Diamond Harry Rocks. 3rd Witney & Mitchell’s, Sunsprake Raging Storm over Scratchwood.

N.D. 1st Dennis & Tucker’s Walshaw Here Comes the Moon to Mariglen. Tri. Good head neck shoulders moved steadily well presented

G.D. 1st Moorbrook Firecracker at Pernickety. 2nd Ball & Morgan’s, Gemsett I Am Legend. Lovely head well sculpted. Good neck & shoulders legs and feet moved well.

P.G.D. 1st. Sketchley’s, Kerrimere Royal Design. O/B, Gorgeous head width of nostril and muzzle for scenting and great working throughout arched neck with best of shoulders and upper forearm firm top line and width to chest  deep underline well sprung ribs and well muscled quarters with width to stifle giving effortless free movement sound and graceful with level tail carriage B.D. &B.I.S.   2nd. Fisher’s, Beechanger Wagtail J.W., Another good specimen of the breed similar comments as 1 3rd, Bates’s Tudorfield Goes Forth.

L.D. 1st, Slack’s, Ravensett Dark Fire, B/B, Dark being the optimum word very eye catching with good head and expression great working in skull long well muscled neck into good shoulders firm top line well muscled quarters and well presented 2nd, Cole’s, Sorbus Jedi Master, Tri  a lot to like about this fellow full of breed type and well muscled not just as animated as 1 3rd, Gittins’s, Beechanger Golden Spinner at Roftmar, J.W.

O.D., 1st, Bates’s, Tudorfield Blue Lightning, J.W. B/B This dog reminded me of Sh,Ch. Bellesett Baron of Upperwood  for the make and shape of him and the coat colour. Lovely head and kind expression best of neck and shoulders with good length to upper forearm compact  body and good quarters all come together on the move.2nd, Coles, Sorbus Looks Could Kill, J.W.O/B  Good head and neck shoulders good body proportions as 1 3rd, Hammond’s, Hartsett Going For Gold with Oaktrish.

S.B 1st Moorbrook Firecracker at Pernickety


M.P.B., What a nice class of youngsters it augers well for the breed to know there are some potentially  good little Mums coming along.1st, Trigwell’s, Hannahdene  Marguerita Time, O/B, Sweet head and dark eye good reach of neck in to well laid back shoulders and good length to upper forearm good bone and feet  deep with width for a youngster very sound moved freely B.P.B.2nd, Shepherds, Wollensett Autumnal Leaves, Beautiful head dark eye  similar comments to 1 just not as settled  on the move 3rd, Shepherd’s, Wollensett Autumnal Gold.

P.B., 1st, Wollensett Autumnal Leaves, 2nd, Wollensett Autumnal Gold. Litter sisters and very similar in shape just need time to settle on move and the heat did not help.

V.B., 1st, Mitchell & Withey’s, Sunsprake Finn’s Fantasy with Scratchwood, J.W., O/B Ab Fab  Lovely head neck shoulders with correct upper forearm big ribbed deep body  great bone and feet well arched stifles well bent she epitomises strength with elegance. Sound free mover Res B.B. 2nd. Bradford’s, Balvennie Fields Of Gold at Bilandris.Tri nice girl and again good width of stifle free mover.

J.B., 1st, Lawson’s, Mariglen Ice Crystal, 2nd,B/B Great head and dark eye neck shoulders and upper forearm  depth and balanced throughout body proportions and good width to stifle very sound and typical on the move Harris’s, 2nd Mariglen Crystal Gayle, Tri Litter sister to 1 and very similar to 1 not just not as good in forearm but none the less a good specimen. 13rd Green’s, Tattersett Honeysuckle.

Y.B., 1st. Cook’s, Moorbrook Uptown Flirt at Pernickety, O/B, Good head and dark eye great neck and shoulder with good length to upper forearm good depth of body well sprung ribs with good width to quarters well muscled and sound free mover. 2nd, Mariglen Ice Crystal, 3rd, Mitchell & Withey’s, Sunsprake Summer Breeze.

N.B. 1st, Evans & Paterson’s, Mannoroy Mandarin Lady, O/B. Stood alone but plenty to like about her could have carried more weight to advantage a balanced bitch with good head and body proportions moved steadily and soundly for her novice handler

G.B. 1st, Moorbrook Uptown Flirt at Pernickety, 2nd, Hunt’s, Ravensett Hopes N Dreams for Dreamsett, O/B Good head neck &shoulders straight forelegs and good top line  a rangier bitch throughout moved well .3rd, Mariglen Ice Crystal.

P.G.B. 1st, Cherry’s, Shanandi Shining Star, O/B. Best of heads strong arched neck into best of shoulders and forehand angulations width to front with great bone and good feet well ribbed body with good underline width to stifle in well muscled quarters giving sound free movement with slashing tail Best Bitch, R.B.I.S. 2nd, Another good bitch and many of the virtues of 1. Turner’s, Bournehouse Dream of Daisy, 3rd, Richards, Decoverly Sweet Caroline with Rubuscott.

L.B. 1st, Turners, Upperwood Northern Lights, B/B.  Good head with expressive dark eyes nice length of neck into good shoulders good rib and good width to stifle moved well

S.B.B. 1st, Ravensett hopes N Dreams for Dreamsett. 2nd, Mariglen Ice Crystal.


Open Show Nov 2009 Judge - Tanya Lewis
This was my first English Setter breed club show and I would like to thank the Officers, Committee and exhibitors for making this such a thoroughly enjoyable day.  I was delighted with the entry and thankfully there were very few absentees. 
Minor Puppy Dog (2) 1st Bacon’s Desert Dreamer.  8 month old orange dog, very much a baby but quite pleasing overall, decent head and eye, short coupled, well bodied, moved OK when settled.  Strong hindquarters. 
Puppy Dog  (2) 1st Bridgwater, Davies & Jefferys’ Brucelm Diamond Harry Rocks Bridgella.  An upstanding blue dog of 10 months, mature body properties, correct neck and shoulder placement, held topline well on move, moved OK.  Preferred his head to 2nd.  2nd  Golby and Martin’s Sunhouse Here Comes the Sun to Shadymoore.  Not as mature as the winner and would have preferred more work to his head and a softer  expression. 
Veteran Dog (3)  Two lovely Senior Citizens!  1st  Hammond’s Bournehouse Paper Parade for Oaktrish.  What a super dog - he is a true Setter from head to tail.  Aged 9, has a lovely outline, masculine without coarseness.  Good head with the kindest of eye and expression.  Well boned, good front assembly, deep bodied, tight elbows, strong firm topline leading to correct set on of tail and carriage, moved like a dream, but just lost his sparkle in the challenge for best veteran.   2nd  Stephenson’s Wistaston School Timesaver for Steeplow ShCM.  Another credit to his owner, showed in good coat and super condition.
Junior Dog (6)  A good class.  1st  Mitchell and Withey’s Sunsprake Raging Storm over Scratchwood.  Orange dog of nearly 18 months, very pleasing head and eye which secured him the class, good front assembly, well boned.  Correct neck and shoulders, well balanced, good hind angulation and topline which he held on the move.  Moved well with good carriage.  Although he is in-between coats, he still presented a very pleasing picture.  2nd  Schoneville & Derry’s Balvenie Arizona Sunset.  15 month old orange boy, just preferred the head of 1, well placed neck and shoulders.  Moved OK. 
Yearling Dog (2)  1st Schoneville & Derry’s Balvenie Arizona Sunset.  A little strong in head for me but I preferred his front assembly and overall balance to the 2nd.  2nd Slack’s Ravensett Renaissance. 
Novice Dog (1)  1st  Balvenie Arizona Sunset. 
Graduate Dog (2)  1st  Arkley’s Hartsett Northern Lights.  I really liked this young tri dog who presented a super outline and is full of breed type.  He has a lovely head and the most melting eye and expression.  His reachy neck flows into fine, quality shoulders through to a firm topline and correct set on of tail.  He moved extremely well with good carriage and tail action, which secured him his place at the head of this class.  With a little more body I feel sure he has a bright future ahead of him.  Very pleased to award him Reserve Best Dog.  2nd  Darley’s Severnsett Mask of Zorro.  A quality blue dog, very well presented and shown in good condition.  Just preferred the head and stronger topline and tailset of the winner.  
Post Graduate (3)  1st  Arkley’s Hartsett Poetry In Motion.  A well presented blue dog with good front assembly, tight at the elbow, good neck and shoulders, shorter coupled than 2nd which won him the class.  Moved well.  2nd  Fisher’s Beechanger Wagtail JW.  Slightly longer cast than I would like.  Moved OK. 
Limit (7)  1st  Tait’s Moordale Dragonfly.  A 4 year old steel blue dog with lovely head, eye and melting expression.  He is all male and full of breed type.  Excels in neck and shoulder placement and coupled with his good front assembly, gives him a very pleasing outline.  Good spring of rib, deep brisket, everything knits together perfectly  .  Strong hindquarters and correct tailset.  Shown in hard muscular condition, his reach and drive were a joy to watch.  Delighted to award him Best Dog and Best in Show.  2nd  Gittins Beechanger Golden Spinner at Roftmar JW.  A quality 2 year old orange dog with lovely head and kind eye, good front assembly.  Moved well, just preferred the reach and drive of the winner today. 
Open (4)  1st Hammond’s Hartsett Going for Gold with Oaktrish.  An honest dog with a pleasing outline.  I would prefer a kinder eye and expression.  Won this class on his movement.  2nd  Fisher’s Settaside Sorbet.  Lost out here due to his hind movement. 
Special Beginners (1)  1st  Ravensett Renaissance.  Blue dog of 20 months.  A little strong in head for me and I would like to see more body but hopefully this will come with maturity.  


Minor Puppy Bitch (2)  1st Williams’ Lakecastle Princess Royal at Wistaston NAF TAF  This young lady can only be described as “stunning“.  8 months old, presents a beautiful outline and is made so well throughout.  Feminine head and dark, kind eye, excels in neck and shoulders, excellent front assembly, the best of legs, bone and feet, deep cobby body with strong topline, good hind angulation and correct set on of tail.  Moved extremely well and took everything in her stride.  I absolutely loved her and would have gladly taken her home with me!   Delighted to award her BPIS and I am sure she has a bright future ahead of her.  2nd  Welburn’s Oshowa Blazing Summer.  A raw baby but nevertheless quite promising.  Pleasing head, eye and expression, good topline, short coupled, moved well.  Unlucky to meet the winner on such form. 
Puppy Bitch (5)  1st Williams’ Lakecastle Princess Royal at Wistaston.  2nd  Lawson’s Mariglen Ice Crystal.  A promising 9 month old blue bitch with pleasing outline.  Good attitude and body properties.  Everything just needs to tighten. 
Veteran Bitch (4)  A nice class of mature ladies!  1st  Dennis’ Sh Ch Fenston Arabella at Mariglen.  Well balanced, good neck and shoulders and front assembly.  Shown in good coat and condition, moved well.  A credit to her owner.  2nd  Mitchell and Withey’s Sunsprake Finn’s Fantasy with Scratchwood JW.  A more substantial bitch than 1 but still feminine.  Good front assembly, big rib, moved well. 
Junior Bitch (7)  A good class.  1st  Mitchell and Withey’s Sunsprake Summer Breeze.  A top quality 17 month old orange bitch who presented a very clean, pleasing outline.  Pretty head with dark expressive eyes.  Reachy neck flowing into fine, sloping shoulders.  Strong topline which she held on the move, good tailset and carriage.  Moved very well.  Although she was in-between coats, it did not detract from her overall balance and construction and I was pleased to award her Best Bitch and Reserve Best in Show.  2nd  Hill Muckle and Littlechild’s Canonsett All About Romance.  A more substantial bitch than 1 but still feminine.  Good front assembly, big rib, moved well. 
Maiden Bitch (3)  Muckle Hill and Littlechild’s Canonsett Truly Romantic.  14 month old steel blue bitch, pleasing head and eye, good neck and shoulders, well bodied, short back, good bend of stifle and set on of tail.  Moved well.  2nd  Rowe’s Brucelm Snow Bride.  A promising youngster with decent head, just needs to tighten in front and body up. 
Novice Bitch (5)  1st  Muckle Hill and Littlechild’s Canonsett Truly Romantic.  2nd  Bryant and Hollis’ Phenset Silver Moon.  A nice young bitch with pleasing head, eye and expression.  Everything just needs to tighten and develop.
Graduate Bitch (1)  1st Hunt’s Ravensett Hopes N Dreams for Dreamsett.  A dark orange bitch.  Well boned, good front assembly, just a little longer than I would like. Moved OK. 
Post Graduate Bitch (4)  1st Turner’s Bournehouse Dream of Daisy.  A very appealing tri bitch of lovely type.  Very feminine head with kind eye and expression.  Good neck and well placed shoulders, good spring of rib and deep body.  Correct bend of stifle.  Moved very well.  Strongly considered for Best Bitch but preferred the feet of the winner.  2nd  Schoneville and Derry’s Fantail’s Just Georgia Voor Balvenie.  Another quality bitch, well balanced throughout.  Moved well. Preferred the head of the winner. 
Limit Bitch (4)  1st  Attwood’s Swannery Finlandia JW.  A quality feminine bitch who is well made and balanced.  Moved well.  Preferred her set-on of tail to that of 2nd.  Would like a softer eye and expression.   2nd  Darley’s Severnsett Dancing Queen.  A pleasing blue bitch who is well presented.  A little longer than I would like but moved well. 
Open Bitch (2)  1st Bryant and Hollis’ Phenset Phoenix rising JW.  A mature bitch who is very feminine and balanced.  Kind eye and expression, good front assembly.  Shorter coupled than 2nd, moved well.  2nd  Harris’s Gemsett Wilma Joins Forces.  Not quite the soft eye and expression of 1 and longer cast.  Moved OK. 
Special Beginners Bitch (3)  1st  Lawson’s Mariglen Ice Crystal. 2nd  Hunt’s Manorroy My Fair Lady.  Lost out to the winner on her front movement. 
Tanya Lewis (Judge)
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